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Thread: 2G iPhone OS 3.0 ringtones directory?

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    Question 2G iPhone OS 3.0 ringtones directory?
    Hi all,

    Few simple (and stupid?) questions! I followed redsn0w guide, everything works fine except custom ringones. The question I had were:

    1. Can I use WinSCP to SSH into 2G iPhone OS 3.0?
    2. If so, which app do I need to install from Cydia? I tried looking, but there are few SSH apps.
    3. Is there a way to have SSH not on all the time? I have seen some iPhone screenshots that have option to turn SSH on and off (like a switch). How do I do that?
    4. Lastly, anyone know where the pre-installed ringtones are saved in the iPhone directory?

    I plan on changing the file name of the ones I have to the ones on iPhone and over write them, as for some reason my custom ringtones, when put into ringtones "playlist" in iTunes doesn't work. It copies to the playlist, but when I go to sound option on the phone, only the first one in the playlist shows up like 5 times.

    Anyone run into this?

    Thank you!

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    Okay, im not 100% sure on all these answers as im still trying to figure out how to put the ringtones on also but ill answer as good as I can here.

    1. Not sure, still working on this myself, but I would think if it was possible on every other FW it should be capable on 3.0
    2. Install OpenSSH from cydia that should be all you need, I have WinSCP working fine now and thats all I have.
    3. I believe the SSH switch is an add on to SBSettings from Cydia.
    4. I was looking around also and they appear to be in /private/var/stash/Ringtones.

    So check around with that and see what you can make work, if I get any further with it ill post back on here. Hope that helps at least a little lol

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    1. Yes
    2.openssh on the phone, winscp on comp( windows) cyberduck(mac)
    3. There's a switch for Bossprefs or sbsettings. I recommend sbsettings
    4.^hes got it right

    that's a weird problem that I haven't heard of. Have you searched on google to see if ther are any other people wth the same problem and maybe a fix?

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