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Thread: Moble Subtrate messes up Itunes and Camera Roll

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    Default [FIXED] Moble Subtrate messes up Itunes and Camera Roll
    Edit: this was fixed with MobileSubstrate

    If I install any app that requires Mobile Subtrate (like Sbsettings). The Itunes app and the Camera Roll apps break. Has anyone else expirienced this on a 3g phone JB to 3.0. Itunes no longer works, and with Camera Roll app al my pictures are moved and the grid is messed up.

    Removing mobile subtrate doesn't seem to fix the problem. Only a clean restore fixes this?

    Any ideas on how to fix this.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I experienced the same problems when I installed Status Notifier (also requiring Mobile Substrate). Although I was able to remove both Status Notifier and Mobile Substrate and respring and all was working again.

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    Hmm... I don't have problems with MS so far. Saurik's repo is down, so I can't install much since everything requires his base libs. But I installed MS and have no problems with either app.

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    CHeck the itunes app, non of the previews work an grafics seem broken, it is unusable. Then on the camera roll app (the one to view photos) some of them appear with black squares and the grid is off center, and the background is black instead of white.

    To replicate install sbsettings 299.4 which also installs mobile substrate.

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    Both mine work fine. I have SBsettings, too...

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    mobile substrate always suspicious...

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    indeed, same problem. no preview in itunes app though the camera roll works.
    ok, anyone knows if there is an update coming to status notifier? would be a shame....the widget also does not seem to work clean, as it does not show any background on the lockscreen

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    It's fair to say that everything that isn't made obsolete by something in 3.0 will be made compatible at some point.

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    Yep, no biggie, never using itunes app anway...or atleast not more and once in a few month.
    still, mobile substrate seems to caue many problems for these apple apps. Still, I rather live with the bug in itunes app than having to deinstall mobile substrate and thus living without bitesms and all the other essential apps.

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    I also have a problem with the iTunes app after installing WinterBoard/mobilesubstrate, but no issues with the Camera roll or anything else so far.

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    Just registered to confirm I have the same issue with iTunes app but no problems with Camera roll.

    With MobileSubstrate in safe mode the iTunes Store works, reactivate it and the store app breaks again.

    Kind of a pain since I don't sync that often and frequently use it to get new podcasts.

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    Wait, just checking again with my fresh JB... camera roll is perfect, but (iTunes) crashes on start. Of course, if you're "on the road" and Saurik hasn't fixed MobileSubstrate yet, use SBSettings to go into Safe Mode and download your crap. Then exit and keep on going... haha, using the cause of the problem to fix it. Bwahahaha.

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    Maybe some other factor is affecting my Camera Roll app, but I have done the JB 3 times, and on all the times is the same result. I do have like 100 pictures, maybe the number of pictures?

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    I would also like to confirm that after upgrading to OS3 on my iPhone 3G then using redsnow to Jailbreak, my itunes on my iphone is corrupt after Jailbreak of OS3!!! camera roll is 100% perfect here!

    Not that i have ever used it apart from podcasts but its always nice to get things working right from the word go. Is there any information or workaround soon to come or is the only solution to re jailbreak with future updates or can something be installed through cydia to help this?

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    I've had no such issues with the my ipod app or camera roll. I have only SBSettings installed and whatever installs with that. I also have about 160 photos in my camera roll so not sure if the size matters. Just thought i'd throw it out there that mine is working fine.

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    I just installed SB settings and under the power icon i selected 'SAFE MODE' and then once in safe mode and i try using iTunes on my Jailbroken iPhone it works perfectly!!!!

    Can anyone shed any light on why there is a known "itunes on iphone issue" for some and why the error goes away and it works perfectly in safe mode?

    Any insight greatly appreciated!!

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    MobileSubstrate breaks iTunes ( for some reason. We don't know, that's why we're asking here. :-D Safe Mode disables everything related to MobileSubstrate, so that's why it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwilcox09 View Post
    I've had no such issues with the my ipod app or camera roll.
    The problem is with the iTunes store app, not the iPod player app.

    MobileSubstrate is apparently hooking into the OS in a way that conflicts with the new iTunes store app, booting in Safe Mode disables these modifications (and all of the added features they allow) which explains why doing so "unbreaks" the store until the next respring.

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    New mobile substrate 0.9.2941-1, i am downloading now. It should fix the problem. Lets test it and report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michote View Post
    New mobile substrate 0.9.2941-1, i am downloading now. It should fix the problem. Lets test it and report.
    iTunes works great now. Thanks

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