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Thread: Voice Control on Jailbroken 3.0 (3G/2G)

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    Default Voice Control on Jailbroken 3.0 (3G/2G)
    So, for everyone that has jailbroken 3.0 on your 2Gs/3Gs, have any of you managed to get voice control working?

    Do you think that the files necessary for it are contained in the 3G version of the firmware, or will we need to steal files from the 3G S IPSW?

    I tried adding both 'voice-control' and 'voice' to the M68AP.plist with no luck...
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    i would imagine you would need the 3G S files

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    Well, the iPhone 3GS Numerical Battery is already on the iPhone 3G, the 1.1.4 extra apps on the iPod Touch was already in the iPod Touch so, the 3GS's Voice Control could be in our iPhones, is just a matter of time to see it

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    i tried voice-over too, but nothing.
    oh, maybe voice-over-control, ill try that

    nope, no luck
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    Someone should try to get the M68AP.plist from the 3GS firmware and see what's inside ;-)

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    These are all the 3gs features enabled but we still need the preference bundles and other files. BTW its
    voice-control to activate the feature but some files are still missing.


    The voice control files can be named as jibbler also. If you look in springboard app their are files by the name of jibbler they are for voice control.
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    Since the iphone 3g/s jailbreak was released is there any chance that someone could upload jibbler? I wonder what you need to modify to get it working on older iphones.

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    Default Why Can't you
    Why cant you use voice controls?

    Oh my bad I thought you guys were talking about on non jailbroken

    So is there and easy way to activate voice controls on 3g?

    Everything you guys are talking about is way to advanced or me.
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    sorry, there's no way to get the 3Gs voice control on 2G or 3G. it's impossible unless someone programs one themselves.

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    Why. It should be able to get ported since it's not hardware related. We need to find the files from the 3gs and trick them into thinking all iPhones are accepted models

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    Quote Originally Posted by rask View Post
    Why. It should be able to get ported since it's not hardware related. We need to find the files from the 3gs and trick them into thinking all iPhones are accepted models
    it is hardware related. the programs on iphone3gs are compiled for the new architecture and use thumb2 opcodes, where the old phones/ipod can only use thumb1. in short, programs compiled iphone3g can work on iphone3gs, but things compiled for iphone3gs can't run on iphone3g.

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    I don't even understand why apple would make voice control a 3GS only feature. I see nothing that should prevent it from working on a 3G. Maybe not enough memory? Doubtful though. Most likely they thought they needed to tag on an extra feature to make it more appealing.

    To be honest though, voice control in its current form is more of a gimmick than actually useful. It is too slow and only allows for one command. If I could put it into voice control mode and really control it the entire time with my voice that would be useful.

    I mean the only thing that might be useful is making calls, but if you have people with strange names it will most likely not work too well. The iPhone has a good enough interface with a large display that it makes it easy to input commands with one hand while driving.

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    Dunno, after watching someone tryin to use voice control the other day makes it unnecessary for me. I sat for five minutes at a guy yelling at his phone to call someone and got nowhere. I could have done it by hand 38 times in the ammount of time he wasted.

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