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Thread: Iphone does not restore

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    Default Iphone does not restore
    My phone's showing the connect to iTunes logo, and when connected, it says it needs a restore. The first time I tried restoring, it gave an error 9. Subsequent tries will prepare the phone for restore, but gets stuck at "Waiting for iPhone", it won't go past that. My phone shows the bar as progressing, but that's it..nothing happens. DFU mode doesn't help and it'll still get stuck at "waiting for iphone..". I've tried it on different computers, different usb ports.. still the same result. Does anybody know a way out of this? I upgraded the firmware to 2.2.1+jailbreak about 3 weeks ago.

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    Simple answer, keep trying. Seriously, I now it sounds crazy but keep trying to restore and it will take it eventually. Error 9, waiting for iphone and now when restoring 3.0GM if you get Error 28 - all are the same issue. I can't really describe it, but it seems like the problem is caused by the iphone crashing which makes it inacessible. While you can get DFU or the connect to itunes screen, the errors are caused because there is no response from the main iPhone processor.

    I have a sick (most likely water damaged) 3g 16gb that takes around 50 or sixty goes to finally get it to restore, sometimes it can be quicker but more often it takes loads of tries. For good measure I normally try different firmwares, not sure it really helps but makes it less boring. Once I have finally restored, it will run with the odd reboot for so long and then finally have a meltdown crash in the middle of doing something and that will leave it permanently on the apple logo. And then I have to keep trying until it restores - I wish I could find a quick answer to reset this issue, i think disconnecting the battery would do it but tsking the whole thing apart to do that is even more tedious then constant restore attempts.
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    This phone has been water damaged... I guess I'm just unlucky. My sister's phone was left in her jacket when she did the laundry, told her to wait a week to let it dry, and it's working fine.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll keep trying and see if it'll restore or if it's too damaged to be useful.

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    If the bar goes past 50% on the iphone during restore and iTunes still says waiting for iPhone for reboot the phone by holding down home and power and try again - there is no real point waiting until the bar is full if it hasn't done it by half way it won't.

    Initially I spent two weeks on/off trying to get mine to restore, always getting waiting for iphone so you could be on for a long haul. I'm on restore attempt 25 for my lastest full crash, which was especially annoying becuase after the last restore it synched my full backup with no problems or reboots - to just 500mb left of the 16gb - and worked all evening to browse the web, make calls text etc. And then I left it in sleep overnight and next morning it was just stuck on the apple logo permanently after another critical crash.
    iPhone 5s 64gb iOS 7
    rMBP 15" 16gb 500gb
    @c0ff33a and @PhoneMainiac

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