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Thread: Jailbreaking Rogers 3G iPhone

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    Exclamation Jailbreaking Rogers 3G iPhone
    I've done some post searching and haven't really found any answers to my specific region. I'm not new to hacking the iPhone i used to do it on my 2G one, but recently got a 3G I am Canadian and have a Legit 3G iPhone and was wondering the following:

    1. What are the consequences, since its legit and i have the warrantee still? (didn't care before cuz i had the 2G none canadian version)

    2. Does Restoring really clear it? For service and warrantee reasons mostly?

    3. Causes any Firmware issues? Slowness? lagging? unresponsiveness?

    4. Are there still decent things available or have most 3rd moved to legit appstore?

    5. Regular updates (when 3.0 comes out) are as easy as if it weren't JB right?

    Sorry if these are easy stupid questions. just used to have a Blackberry Bold and just stopped following the iPhone world.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I also am on rogers I bought my iPhone 3g the day it was released and jailbroke it the day the first Jailbreak was released. I also have been on Beta 3 since beta3.o 2nd release, also Jailbroken. I recently had rogers replace my iPhone because of cracks in the case it was on beta 3 so i downgraded to 2.21 and sent it back when I received the replacement iPhone. Haven't heard a thing from them and its been over a month. So I guess they can't tell or they don't care. There are a ton of free programs available through Cydia but there are also some pay programs now. Being jailbroke is a little more laggy than a none jailbroke iPhone, only because of the amount of programs you can have running. Nothing to complain about and if its to slow remove the programs that aren't necessary. Jailbreaking for rogers is no different than Jailbreaking for any other carrier. Its universal. Any other questions feel fee to ask.
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    Thanks for replying back, i remember when i used to do it with my first gen iphone there were tons of apps, im mostly interested in mainly winterboard to mess with themes. Paid apps in Cydia? wow even the hackers wanna get paid haha good for them though.

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