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Thread: Help re Quickpwn Fuzzyband Yellowsn0w Method

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    Default Help re Quickpwn Fuzzyband Yellowsn0w Method
    [Edit: Probably should've posted in the iPhone unlocking - activation thread, but I don't know how to move it]

    Hello all. I'm new to jailbreaking/unlocking and this forum and would appreciate any help. I plan to travel from US to UK for a week, and want to unlock my iPhone and buy a prepaid UK SIM (e.g., for the O2 or 3 networks or whatever) when I get there and use it for both voice and 3G data.

    Background: iPhone 3G on U.S. AT&T contract. Original 3G stopped working. Apple replaced with a "5k" serial no. refurb that came with 2.2.1 firmware, 2.30 baseband, but 5.08 bootloader.

    To date: Ran Quickpwn 2.2.5-2 with the AT&T Sim installed, followed by Fuzzyband Downgrader. Thus now jailbroken with 2.28 baseband. Yellowsn0w not installed yet, but I know I need to do this.

    Question 1: I'm mystified by the activation aspect of unlocking. Since I Quickpwned with the AT&T Sim installed, could I have an activation problem in the UK when I swap out my AT&T Sim for a UK Sim card? I really don't want to get there and find that I'm screwed. For example, I don't know if this earlier post even applies to the iPhone 3G, or unlocking 2.2.1 firmware via Yellowsn0w, but it did concern me:

    Question 2: If I started off (see 1.) on the wrong foot, what is the proper procedure to allow me to use my AT&T Sim problem-free until I get to the UK, and then use a UK Sim problem-free while there? I'm not taking a computer, so if I need to use iTunes there I'm in trouble.

    Question 3: Will I need to install the Yellowsn0w toggle for BossPrefs? If so, do I toggle off Yellowsn0w when using the AT&T Sim, and toggle it on for the UK Sim (and should I have the UK Sim installed when I do so)?

    Question 4: I use Windows, and can't create custom 2.2.1 firmware since Pwnage Tool is only for MAC. I have seen custom 2.2.1 firmware on the web, but with two activation-related variants: one version that was created with "Activate" unchecked in Pwnage Tool, and a second version created with "Activate" checked. So, if I want to obtain the proper version for my circumstances, which one should I get?

    Thanks for bearing with me.

    After further digging, I think (hope maybe) I can answer most of my own questions:

    1. The AT&T Sim should indeed be in the iPhone (with iPhone activation already performed via iTunes) when running Quickpwn. Quickpwn then knows that it does not need to activate (like running Pwnage Tool with the Activate box unchecked), which allows the iPhone to function correctly with the AT&T Sim until such time as you want to swap it out for a third-party Sim.

    2. N/A

    3. Yes - install the BossPrefs Yellowsn0w toggle add on after installing Yellowsn0w, both via Cydia. Yellowsn0w should be toggled to "off" when using the AT&T Sim and to "on" when using the third-party Sim.

    For a U.S. AT&T iPhone, to use a third party Sim for data (e.g., Internet access), you will also need to install the APN Editor from Cydia to unhide the iPhone's Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network settings where you can then edit the entry in the APN field to change from the AT&T data network (APN = wap.cingular) to the data network associated with the third party Sim.

    4. Use 2.2.1 custom firmware (custom meaning that it's jailbroken and that it will not upgrade your baseband from 2.28) that was created via Pwnage Tool with its Activate box unchecked (see 1 above for the reason why) if restoring.
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    yellowsn0w 0.9.8 works with all UK sims i've tested. Once your iPhone has been activated using official carrier or quickpwn / pwnagetool you will be just uninstall yellowsn0w and put the SIM with latest version of yellowsn0w it just works straight off no extra stuff required.

    Just turn phone off after install of yellowsn0w put other sim in then turn phone on.

    Regarding Custom Firmware 2.2.1 unless you have access to a Mac i would keep with 2.2 your not losing any features.
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