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Thread: Pnwed brick (and hot, too)

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    Default Pnwed brick (and hot, too)
    Hopefully you guys can help me out a little here.

    background, Mac 10.4.11, itunes 8.1.1, then 7.7

    I've got a 2G Iphone, which was running Pwned 2.2 for a few months now just fine. Last night I was playing a game of Sudoku on it, and it was acting just fine, no hint of problems. Go to put it on the charging dock for the night, and the screen goes solid white, then has slight colored lines go down it. pull it off, and I can kindof see the home screen, but everything is all scrambled, the click when unlock/lock was very staticky, etc. Ipod sound is jacked too. Turn off then back on, same story. Power cycle again, everything LOOKS normal, but the sound is still messed up. Somewhere in there it won't get a carrier signal either.

    I get tired and go to bed, figure I'll deal with it this morning. I get up, it had been plugged into the computer all night, carrier is gone, Iphone is pretty warm to the touch, but all appears normal on the phone, and sound is back. I decide to follow hackthatphone's tutorial and use Pwnage 2.2.5 to unlock/jailbreak a 2.2.1 firmware because I don't trust that it's fixed, and things go screwey. I think the first restore error was 6, then 9, then 1600, then 1601.. After the first time the phone turn unresponsive. I've tried my old Pwned 2.2 ipsw, tried downgrading itunes to 7.5 but couldnt find it and had to use 7.7 and tried a clean 1.1.4 firmware, (error 1600). I can try 2.2.1 on that itunes and get error 9 occasionally. I've tried most of this too on a PC with very similar results.

    The phone itself appears to be completely dead. No sign of life on pressing buttons, trying for DFU mode, anything. if I put it on the charging dock it will get quite warm.. not enough to burn, but enough that I'm concerned about the phone. If I go long enough itunes will refuse to acknowledge when it's plugged in (i'm guessing the battery is dead). Put it on the charging dock for a while and itunes says it has detected a phone in restore mode and that it needs to be restored. then I get errors. If I try and restore and DONT get the 1600 error quickly, the apple logo will come up, then it dies at a random place in the restore process.

    I have about 19 log files with varying modes of failure if it would help to dig any of that data out..

    Many thanks for any help,

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    Kinda sounds like a hardware failure.

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    Yeah, I'm really worried about that at this point. I don't understand why though.. it has been dropped but showed no damage, and that was over 6 months ago. no water, EVER.

    I forgot to mention that when plugging it into the PC it does say DFU device down in the status bar.

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    Is there a way to get a better idea whether this is hardware related? Errors when trying to restore are common enough that I don't want to let that be my only indicator aside from the screen and sound glitchyness before failure.

    Obviously OpenSSH isn't an option, but are there other tools one could use to browse the file structure on the iPhone and try to figure this out? outside of itunes?

    Probably not helping the case for non-hardware-related failure: I found out the original Ipod firewire power supply I was using for my charging dock is 12 volts. that might explain the heat. I don't remember it ever getting hot before this though.. maybe the phone was able to deal with it when it had an OS managing things.
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