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Thread: cant get iphone in dfu mode!please help

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    Default cant get iphone in dfu mode!please help
    ok first post here so don't be to rough on me.I have purchased a i phone off of craiglist only to get it back home and see that I am stuck at the itunes usb logo.I cant get my computer or itunes to pick up the iphone.The iphone itself is acting a little weird.When I hold both buttons to turn off most of the time it simply reboots...and then Im back to the itunes logo.I have tried holding the home button and plugging into usb while holding the button and get nothing.I have read that the phone should turn on when I do this but get nothing.I have repeated the process time and time again with nothing.If I could just get the phone to go into dfu mode so I could do a restore would be great but I keep getting nothing.I dont know what firmware version the iphone is because I have never gotten past the itunes screen.but I can tell you it is a iphone 2g 8gb and I am running itunes 8.1 on windows vista 32.I have jailbroken a ipod touch 1g befor with no problems and never had a problem getting that into dfu mode.But it seems to me that this iphone is not as easy.I dont know the history of this iphone or what happened to it to be stuck in this mode because I bought off of craiglist any information or tips I could try would be greatly appreciated.Is there any other way for my com to be able to pick up the iphone or any software to where I could get the iphone into dfu mode?Once again my com has never even detected it even when it is on and plgged in stuck at the itunes usb screen.

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    When you turn off the iphone by hoding both buttons youneed to be quick and as soon as the screen goes black let go of both buttons if you want the phone to stay off and not reboot. Do this while you are not plugged into USB.

    As far as DFU mode and getting iTunes to recognize the iPhone, try rebooting and using a different USB port. Try running iTunes 'as administrator" (right click on the iTunes icon and choose run as administrator). I had some issues jailbreaking on my son's Vista machine due to some wackiness with user accounts.

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    I have tried everything I cant get it to go into dfu,I have tried restarting com,different usb ports,holding home button why pluggin into usb,only info I can provide is when I hold the power button it takes a long time to turn on about 15 sec,also when turning off I hold the power button until it shuts off if I release power right away it will just restart,but if I continue to hold for about 5 sec after its off it will stay you think it could be something to do with the home button as in why its not going into dfu?is there any other way to get this done?

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    Here are some instructions that may help. You may be doing it the correct way but just thought I'd give you these and a vid link.
    Step 1. Turn off iPhone

    Step 2. Hold down the power and home button.

    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down.

    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that itís in restore mode.

    Alternative Method:

    Step 1. Connect iPhone to USB then listen to the sound when it connect and disconnect.

    Step 2. Hold the home and power buttons until hear the disconnect sound then release power button.

    Step 3. Wait until you hear another sound then release home button
    [ame=]YouTube - How To Set Your iPhone / iPod Touch In To DFU Mode And Bring It Back From The Grave[/ame]

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    I have watched this video and have tried to follow the process however when I am holding both buttons and screen goes black and then continue to hold home button nothing happens afterwords.itunes does not pick up my device and I here no chime noises or anything from com.I had a ipod touch and never had a problem with this process or itunes picking up my device on this com.I have also tried this out on my laptop with no seems to me that my device will not go into dfu mode for anything.I am starting to lose all hope

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    do you have to be on the internet to do this?
    cause it keeps popping stuff up
    and wehn i get this phone in DFU mode its a black screen
    but itunes cant read it

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    No you do not have to be on the internet to go into dfu mode.also when going into dfu mode you should here a disconnect sound then a reconnect sound in which it shows in the video above.just wish my iphone would go into this mode properly.I am at the point where I am about to uninstall itunes and my redo my vista as well but I can almost bet that this will not solve my problem because I have successfully jail broken and restored a ipod touch that I once had on this same com

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