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Thread: HELP ! Upgrade 1.0.x to 1.1.4

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    Default HELP ! Upgrade 1.0.x to 1.1.4
    This is the 2nd time I post this thread ( first time didn't worked )
    Ok. Problem: I own a 1.0.2 firmware iPhone jailbroken sim-free. I want to do an upgrade to 1.1.4 with out going thru the elaborate process of virginizing, upgrading and//or downgrading and so on.
    BIG Question: can I restore the 1.1.4 straight on my phone, than use ZiPhone 2.5 to unlock it ?

    Please help me out !

    In case my idea doesn't work, can someone give me a quide on how to do this without to much trouble.


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    Yes you can restore to 1.1.4 then ziphone to jailbreak/unlock/activate

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    i did!!!!!!!!
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    I'm getting right to it. If something doesn't work at least I know there's someone who can help.


    Does the Ziphone have some Windows Vista comparability issues ? Because when i want to run the ZiPhoneWin-2.5c.exe I get nothing but errors. What can I do ? Should I try on xp ?

    Fixed the ZiPhone. I started the recovery mode and selected the 1.1.4 FW. After 5 minutes it gave me an error ( 1608 ) and the recovery did not took place. Now this is going to be a bumpy ride... i might lose my phone
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    i used windows vista..just unzip to your desktop

    i used windows vista..extract to your desktop not to CProgram Files\ZiPhone
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    I have 1.1.4 on my IPhone. I have not had any other firmwares on it. I was able to do download the installer. But when i try to install the customize it starts working and then i get a script error. Does anyone have instructions on how to get customize on the phone.

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    ok me too exactly in same situation with 1.0.2

    I would go forward updating it to 1.1.4 by iTunes then Ise ziphone to unlock n jailbreak right???

    What about the bootloader?? I get I'd updated too or I will have 3.9 itself??
    anyways, what diff diff bootloader makes???

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    yeah im on 1.0.2 also and looking to move to 1.1.4

    Im ready to hit restore in itunes ..but i dont want a brick ..can someone confirm?

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    I've heard ppl say that you can do that (go directly to 1.1.4 through restore) but I would recommend you first virginize your phone using the i.unlock method and then upgrade directly to 1.1.4 through restore and use ziphone-

    no elaborate process for virginizing; it is done automatic through installer- just do this:

    1. Set Settings → General → Auto Lock → Never

    2. Start Installer and update it if it asks. Tap on Sources, Edit, and Add as a repository.

    3. Make sure you have BSD Subsystem installed. If it's installed it's listed in "Uninstall", if not listed, tap on Install and goto the System category and install it.

    4. Now, install The Virginizer found in the Unlocking Tools category. This will take almost 10 minutes to complete.

    Now restore through itunes to 1.1.4 and use ziphone

    ---all in all, a 20 minute process max!--
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    ...this is what im getting now.....


    ...looks like i needed a itunes update ..and reboot ....looking good so far
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    Don't worry, just do the restore a couple of times.. that happens sometimes
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