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So I'm going to cut short what all I did because I've been working on this for two days. I have a 2G iPhone that seems to have a corrupt baseband. I eventually was able to restore the phone to 2.2.1 but still it would say that the phone cannot make/receive calls, and other communications options were disabled. I used QuickPwn (under windows XP) to see if unlocking would help, it didn't. After much reading and troubleshooting I found that I should downgrade to 1.1.4 twice using iTunes 7.5 (Removed 8.1, deleted iTunes Data, installed 7.5), and use a modified version of ZiPhone (KiPhone) to erase the baseband, then restore to 1.1.4 again through iTunes. I was getting error 1011 throughout, but proceeded anyways... without luck. I've tried using tools included with iLiberty as well as the latest version of ZiPhone to try to get any further and have been unsuccessful. I've thought about trying again to update using official 2.2.1 update, as I believe that has a baseband update for 2Gs, but since I went through hell's valley to get it to 1.1.4 I want to make sure there's no other real options before I proceed. I tried to find something called ienew that would supposedly help but after 20+ plus google page searches I couldn't find it. Also looked at torrents without luck. Also looked into AutoDown, but that's just designed for iPod Touches. I have updated my iTunes to 8.1 again, but am await to see if there are more options you all might know before I update the phone and see if it works (which I doubt)...

I believe it's a baseband update because in iLiberty and other programs when it gets to a certain point it would show:

appleMRVL868x: Invalid calibration data in device tree
(and so on)

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#1) So are there other options I should try?

#2) Another option: Are there other official updates from apple that include baseband updates? At this point I really don't give a rats if it's the latest version and won't ever unlock, I just want to get it to functional with a legit AT&T account.

#3)[Solution] Error 1011, No WiFi, Bluetooth, IMEI, etc, using beta firmware. [No Links] - Hackint0sh

1. Found iPhone firmware 2.0 beta8 build 5A345 and iTunes 7.7 prerelease version (which can flash firmware beta 8)
2. Installed iTunes and restored 1.1.4 (got error 1011)
3. Restored to 2.0 beta 8. Of course it was not activated BUT I got IMEI, ICCID, audio, bluetooth and Wi-Fi back!
4. Pwned the iPhone.
5. From restore mode, restored a custom 1.1.4 which successfully reflashed the bootloader and baseband unlocked the iPhone.

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At times I've gotten these errors: 1016, 1011, -5, -6, 5,

Other things I have tried and followed steps for:
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