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Thread: Downgrading Firmware

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    Default Downgrading Firmware
    My 2g iphone get the "no service" signal. I have it unlocked with a tmobile sim. I have 2.2.1 and unlocked/jailbreaked it with quickpwn2.2.

    what should i downgrade to and how? please help! i miss my iphone!

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    You shouldnt need to downgrade, it should work just fine with 2.2.1, explain what you did exactly and when the problem started.

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    I didnt do anything. It worked just fine for a couple months. Then i noticed that it would get a "no service" signal for a a couple minutes and come back in through out the day. Till finally it just stopped all together. I switched the sims with other tmobile phones to see if it was only mine, but all with the same conclusion. No Service!

    So i just used my old phone for a week or so and tried my iphone again. It worked! but only for a week or so. Now its been off for more than a month. I try it every once in a while but it ends up with the same results. I tried rebooting it then unlocking several times with different software.

    im totally lost.

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    If you have restored the phone several times and "started over" I would say your having a hardware issue, not software

    Because unless your using a sim-adaptor you shouldnt get spotty service like that. It either works or it doesnt.

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    so what do you think it is? Is there a program that can unlock the new firmware? cause last time i was about to reboot my iphone it told me to upgrade and I remembered that if i upgraded it wouldnt be able to unlock.

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    2.2.1 which you said your running, is the newest firmware out. And on a 2g (not 3g) any FW is unlockable.

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    oh really? wtf lol imma reboot right now and see whats up. lol

    thats what i get for listening to people on a car forum lol.

    what about 3g? i also have a 3g that needs to be unlocked but has the newest FW

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    If you running 2.2.1 on a 3g, then you would have to buy a sim-adaptor. Or, there is a downgrade method for the BASEBAND, BUT it only works for 1/3 people because of version #'s on the phone, in other words you might be able to downgrade you might not.

    And when you unlock it using quickpwn or HAVE to let quickpwn "activate" the phone, NOT itunes. Or you will get the no service issue.
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    Damn its still getting the same results.

    is there something better than quickpwn? or is all the same?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    And when you unlock it using quickpwn or HAVE to let quickpwn "activate" the phone, NOT itunes. Or you will get the no service issue.
    how do i let quickpwn activate it?

    I didnt see anything activation option on there.

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    Quickpwn or pwnage are your only options....and Pwnage is Mac only.

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    well i just quickpwn'd it and it still has no service. how do i activate it??

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