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Thread: WIFI Issue on iPhone 2G (all softwares)

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    Default WIFI Issue on iPhone 2G (all softwares)
    So here is the story:

    I have had a 2G iPhone since the beginning and everything has been great. Until the release of 2.2.1

    I was Jailbroken, Unlocked, and Activated on a Vermont carrier called UNICEL with WIFI and EDGE all working smoothly.

    Upon Jailbreak of 2.2.1 I was unable to connect to any WIFI routers. Most of the time the phone would just hang on "Searching for WIFI" with nothing happening. Even when any router showed up (I have a home router) I was unable to connect.

    I went through the drill and even downgraded to 1.1.4. I did clean restores and deleted the base band and bootloader. Still nothing.

    Now I am on my 2G iPhone on 3.0 Beta 3 with still no WIFI and not Jailbroken on the latest 2G bootloader.

    What I did to try to fix is as below:

    -Full Restore to 2.2.1
    -Full Restore to 1.1.4
    -Erase all Content and Settings (via iPhone)
    -Erase Internet Settings
    -Resetting Router
    -Rebooting Phone

    Any Ideas on how I can get this WIFI back? Kinda at loss.

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    Sounds like hardware failure to me. If you've erased the 4.05 baseband... restored to 1.1.4 to instal the 4,04 baseband and it still fails that's a good indication it's hardware related.

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    Default The Problem With Wifi...Answers. Finally.
    I Have Absolutely Positively Found What The Wifi Problem Is With The 2G iPhones. The Battery!. When The Battery Life Has Dropped. Wifi Will Not Work If Your Battery Life Is Higher? Than 50% I Thought This Was B.S. Until I Tried It. If You Have An Actual App That Allows You To See Your Battery Percentage, It's Been Proven. I Charged My Battery To Full Power Just To Put What I Found Out To Test. My Battery Was At 90%. My Wifi Went In An Out Constantly, Never Staying On More Than 10sec. The Second It Hit 50% Wifi Came Back Instantly, Never Disappearing Again.

    So What's Been Happening Is When You Restore It, It Resets Your iPhone Momentarily. But As Soon As That Extra Boost Of Battery Life Goes Away....Back To The Same Ole Wifiless iPhone.

    Basicly, Time To Get A New Battery Guys. They Run About $89.00 Either Shipping It To Apple Or Going To The Genius Bar. No Need To Buy A New iPhone. This Is The Real Problem.

    Hope I Help Eveyone Out There Looking For An Answer.

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    It is not the battery. I have a 2G phone which was newly replaced. Still has problem with WIfi

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