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Thread: Get iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 without a Developer Account

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    Default Get iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 without a Developer Account
    Hey I've seen some tutorials about how to do this inside of huge threads so i thought i should make a thread specifically for that, never really made a tutorial so go easy on me.

    This is for iPhone 3g's, its what i have and the only device i've tried it on.

    Proceed at your own risk, this is just the way that i do it.

    1. Download a firmware 3.0 beta 3 file, i cant tell you where to get it so you have to find it for yourself, the file should be named "iPhone1,2_3.0_7A280f_Restore.ipsw"

    2. Download QuickPwn that supports 3.0 beta 3, you can get it from this thread :

    3. Download iPoneBrowser at Downloads - iphonebrowser - Google Code

    4. Plug your iPhone in, open itunes and hold shift and click restore, browse for the beta 3 firmware file and let itunes restore your iPhone

    5. close itunes as soon as its done and before your iPhone is done booting back up

    6. Open and run QuickPwn, follow the steps... while doing this MAKE SURE YOU UNCHECK ACTIVATE

    7. once your phone is done jailbreaking and rebooting, open itunes, when it says it won't let you use your iPhone, close itunes again. (iphone browser won't be able to find your phone if you dont open itunes with your phone connected) Open iPhoneBrowser and navigate to System -> Library -> and click on the Core Services folder, it will take some time between folders to load.

    8. In the core services folder will be a file named SystemVersion.plist, right click and save the file to your desktop.

    9. Open the file using notepad and at the very end of the line of text you'll find the word "Beta" change it to "Public" and save the file.

    10. Drag the file back into the Core Services file, it will overwrite quickly so it will be hard to even notice

    11. Reboot your Phone, open itunes and restore your backup or create a new phone, it should activate during the backup restore

    I really hope i didn't forget any steps, let me know if anyone's having problems.

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    Wow found this two part video on youtube not 3 minutes after i finished this guide haha. Whatever you prefer video or text.


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    Thank you soooo much! This helped me a lot! I just wanted to say that I'm on 3.0 Beta 4, and this works for me too.

    And also, for the people who don't want to jailbreak, you can just turn off your computer's internet when you hook up your iPod. This makes it so iTunes can't go into the Apple servers and see if your iPod's UDID is registered or not. Of course, your way is much easier and simpler, but I'm just putting this other option out there.

    Thanks again!

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    IF you try to put beta 4 in an ipod or iphone without being register with a dev it wont let you even if you are ofline. If you want to register with a dev contact me via PM...I have a lot of spots

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    I would like a dev spot if anyone has one left! I need to test something and I dont have one for the 2G I need to use.

    And does this trick work with the beta 5?

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    just use the 3.0 it

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    But the 3.0 GM, I thought the jailbreak didnt work correctly on that.. I guess I need to do my research :-p
    I'll check it out and see what happens.

    Im just hesitant because this is what bigboss wrote on his blog.
    Yes, 3.0 GM is released to developers. This is the final 3.0 release. There is no jailbreak for it at this time. Do not yet upgrade. There are rumors of people using the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools. This is a terrible idea. It will replace most your 3.0GM with B5 components. You will not have a real 3.0 final any longer, instead you will have a hybrid 3.0 and beta 5. It’s a terrible idea. Next week when beta 5 expires, your 3.0 jailbreak could expire as well and you would have to restore all over again.Yes, some people may claim that they did this and “it works fine”. But as I just stated, it is not a real 3.0 final any longer. Definitely not a good idea nor is this something you want.

    Just wait a few days and you should be ok.
    But I need to test the next build of iReal on the 3.0 firmware, and it would be nice if I could do so before the official release date. If not, then oh well.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found away to do it. Thanks anyways
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