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Thread: 3.0 Tether/MMS Ipcc file

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    Default 3.0 Tether/MMS Ipcc file
    Ok so here it goes. I enabled tethering on my iphone with a modified ipcc file. The thing is every time i use that file to enable mms within a few hours the camera icon in the messaging goes away and does not come back, which essentially disables mms from being sent. In order to fix i have to restore. Is anyone having the same problem i am having and if so is there a fix? Possibly a ipcc file?

    so no1 has any type of answer for this?
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    I can enable mms, but no tether. I too am looking for a modified ipcc file for china mobile. when I pop in a china unicom sim card, the apn and mmsc info automatically populates the appropriate fields and has complete mms and tethering functionality. China mobile has to be entered manually

    hopefully we can start to get some ipcc mods rolling here as we bring up the full scope of issues.
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    anyone got mms working on att 3.0 ive tried some ippc but no there option to update the carrier setting in my itune 8.2prelease its greyed out

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    I can't guarantee this will work for you, but this is a custom ipcc file I made for AT&T with switches and what not to make everything work. I can't guarantee it will work for you, but currently, I have the following working:

    1. BT and USB Tethering
    2. MMS
    3. Visual voicemail
    4. Regular data connection.

    So far, everything the phone can do, it does.

    Make sure to reboot after update, if you get a carrier update error, than ssh to

    private/var/mobile/library/carrier settings/

    and click on the ATT_US.bundle folder and edit permissions to 777

    Good luck to all, oh yea, and here is the link:

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

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    how do i get this to go onto my phone once i download it? im assuming i have to do something in itunes..

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    You "shift+click" (windows) or "option+click" (mac) on restore or check for updates while in itunes with the iphone plugged in. You may have to enable your itunes to do this, to do so, see this post:

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    amaizenblueeyes - any idea if this will work on a 3GS?

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