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Thread: Signal Loss with yellowsn0w

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    Exclamation Signal Loss with yellowsn0w
    Hey all,

    Here's my issue:
    I am currently using
    iPhone 3g
    fw: 2.2.1
    bb: 2.28.00
    carrier: T-Mobile
    location: Detroit,MI USA

    I have done everything (Quickpwn, yellowsn0w, etc.)and when I reboot via BossPrefs I get service for 30 secs-3min then signal goes from 5 bars down to "No Service"

    I have used airplane mode, reboot method, take sim out/put back in. With each method same result...sservice for a short time then no service.

    I have made calls and recieved calls during the brief times in service also sent texts and tested EDGE with Wi-Fi turned off. Everything worked but then I lose service.

    I have searched high and low for any info but I only come across signal loss via SIM unlock and I have used software unlock.
    I did find some posts where people had to get their iphones replaced. However I bought mine on craigslist and do not know if there is still warranty or if I can get replacement without having AT&T.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know of anything at all I can do to retain service.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default ok...
    ok so I found out my phone has been replaced previously which means I don't have a warranty anymore. It could also mean that this phone has signal issues which is why it needed to be replaced....any thoughts?

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    Make sure your 3G toggle remains off at all times. Have you tried to restore to 2.2 and then rejailbreak and unlock?

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    Thanks for responding. 3g is turned off and I recently restored and unlocked again. I actually kept service for a lot longer than before but after awhile it was back to picking up and dropping signal.

    Edit: When I restored it I went back to firmware 2.2.
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