hey, so i'm new here and yes i searched, but i feel like i'm trying to find out information that is outdated? i have an iphone from when they first came out (2G). i unlocked it so that it has the installer on it and whatnot. i'm sorry if i'm saying these things wrong i'm very new to all of this. i did the unlock/jailbreak(i think thats what it's called) right when i got it. i'm now just learning about all these new firmware's that came out (again, behind the times) all i want to do is be able to get new apps on my iphone. when i go to the installer and find an app to download it shows an error message, "package download failed:can't find host!". what is wrong? i know i am running firmware 1.1.1. Should i not be? is there something i can upgrade to? or do i need to downgrade? i'm not diving into anything i'm not certain of before i get more information because i dont want to ruin my iphone. please help me if you can!!! Thank you!