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Thread: Best Jailbreak method

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    Default Best Jailbreak method
    I have had a Jailbroaken iPhone sense the beginning. But lately I have been seeing some odd behavior so I thought for kicks I would reset my iPhone to factory and use it for a little to see how it ran. I must say it does seem to run faster, it seems more stable, and safari remembers cookies . However there are still some key things that I use that are only available on a hacked phone. So my question is, is anyone else seeing these issues with a jailbroken phone and what's the best way to jailbreak an iPhone Pwange, iLigerty, or some other app?

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    If your running a newer FW version 2.0 or above, then Pwnage or quickpwn is the only way to jailbreak.

    And pwnage does it better.

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    As soon as I posted I saw that iLiberty doesn't work for Iphone 2.0 and above. I have been using quickpwn in the past so I might give pwnage a shot and see what happens.

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    Pwnage is a better method....but its Mac only.

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    ^^ +1

    pwnage does it better and give better options but quickpwn supposed ly does run faster

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    PwnageTool is the way to go.

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    Yeah I just used the PwnageTool to jailbreak my phone and it seems to be allot more stable and safari cookies work Thanks for the input everyone.

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