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Thread: Downgrade Help

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    Default Downgrade Help
    Hiya peps.

    I upgraded to 3.0 beta 2 and i didnt like it. Could find out how to sort out the MMS seemed the same to me.

    Im trying to downgrade back to 2.2.1 now and it wont let me, its cumin up with a error message.

    I used the jailbreak and iUtilities to get it passed the Activation. (If this Helps)
    Or if someone can help me with getting the mms to work and how to get the ringtones on to the phone.

    Hope someone can help really stuck now


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    There's lots of instructions on how to downgrade in all the 3.0 threads.

    Your SUPPOSED to get an error when installing 2.2.1, afterwards you will goto quickpwn and it will tell you that you need to hold the home + power button for 15 seconds, once you do that the phone will cycle and come up to the lockscreen. Done.

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    i did that but it didnt work. will have a look in the 3.0 part,

    Would you know how to get mms and thr ringtones onto the phone? Coz i like the sms when u turn the phone around lol


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    Not a clue, I loaded it just to play around with...but Im not running it.

    But I have downgraded that way 3 times without a hitch.

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    yeah okthanks mate wil try it in the morning again.
    Do i hold the home and power for 15secs then hold down shift and click restore??
    im sorry to be a pain.

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    No, AFTER you restore to 2.2.1 and itunes gives you an error at the end....THEN go run quickpwn, it will tell you to then hold power and home for 15 seconds.

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    currently running 3.0, mms dont work for me as well, as a former at&t employee im pretty sure its on the back end why the mms is not "active" Some have managed to get it to work. Loaded 3.0 to look at features, downgrading 2nite.

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