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Thread: Restore From Backup Time!

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    Default Restore From Backup Time!
    So last night my phone gets jacked. I finally decided to download the SNES emulator. I then downloaded a rom from a different source (FF3 which I own on 2 different systems). This rom has a dependance on the SNES emulator, so it goes out and tries to download it again from this other source (even though it's already installed). Due to this cydia gets stuck in a loop trying to download this file. It won't install cause it gives an overwrite error since I downloaded it from another source. This ends up making it so I can't install/uninstall anything, cause every time it tries to download/install the SNES emulator again.

    I tried to mess with a few files to stop this, but it ended up making it so it wouldn't install/uninstall anything. It would go through the motions, but then you wouldn't see the file text process. Due to this nightmare I had to restore.

    I do a clean install, and then I decided to restore before the jailbreak. The restore takes 4 freaking hours. I have no idea wtf is up with this. That's not including syncing which adds all my files back. I go to jailbreak and quckpwn crashes, so I get stuck in restore mode where I have to connect with itunes again. Not wanting to mess with it I just clean it off again, and then the stupid restore has to run again (yeah I learned the hard way). Once again the stupid restore from backup is taking hours.

    Does anyone know WTF is up with this? I can't believe how long this is taking it's literally 4+ hours. I was temped to say "treat as new phone", but thought I would lose all my apps, music, ringtones that are pending sync. Is there anything you can do to make the stupid thing restore faster? There is no logical reason for this thing to take hours to restore.

    Thanks in advance either way. This is the hard way to learn, but at least I'm getting a lot more familiar with things albiet the hard way. I've been all day without my phone, and man I'm amazed how much I've missed it.

    Well searching and searching the forums I read a mod say to cancel the restore, and just set it up as a new phone. I forced a reboot to cancel, and upon reboot (thought it might jack up everything doing the reboot) it appeared everything was back. My events ect were all there, and my jailbreak was still intact. I have no idea what the heck was going on with that restore.

    The time that stupid thing takes, it's faster to take 2 hours to manually set things back up myself. I'm currently resyncing.

    Thanks for all the posts on here. It's nice to see solutions in old posts, I just hadn't looked through enough posts. It's pretty lame that such an important feature works like absolute crap after all these year.
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