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Thread: Upgrading 1.1.4 to 2.2.1

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    Default Upgrading 1.1.4 to 2.2.1
    Hello Guys...

    Have scoured modmyi, and sincere apologies if this has been covered before. If somebody could take 2 seconds to respond to my query I would be greatly appreciative.

    I've just purchased an iPhone 2G 8GB running firmware 1.1.4, which has been unlocked and jailbroken using Ziphone.

    The installer app is fine, but I really want some Apple AppStore applications.

    I'm running itunes 8.1.


    If I 1) Backup my iPhone in itunes 2) upgrade my firmware to 2.2.1 via iTunes (which will obviously relock the iPhone it simple enough to open Ziphone again, and go through the one-click Unlock, Jailbreak and Activate process again?

    Have looked and Pwange tools but they look awfully complicated for me...

    Much love
    Victoria x

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    Ziphone wont work. Restore to 2.2.1 and then use pwnage tool or quickpwn to re-jailbreak and unlock <<< its the only way.
    quickpwn is simple, check it out

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    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Is there a reason Ziphone won't work? On their website, it says it works for all firmwares up to 2.2? If the reason is that Ziphone won't yet unlock up to 2.2.1, is there a way for me to upgrade my firmware to say 2.0 and then use ziphone to unlock? x

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    ziphone lies... pwnage tool and quickpwn is the only way
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    it lies? haha really? Ok i'll give them a shot. x

    Oh Sorry! Just one quick question - I'll backup my data in iTunes before beginning. However, once the upgrade/unlock is complete, how do i then restore this backed up data onto the iPhone? And, does iTunes backup things like SMS, Contacts etc? thanks x
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    I would suggest setting it up as a new phone. you can sync with iTunes after to get your contacts, photos, music, but sms will not with iTunes

    If you want to restore from back-up...Then sync with itunes before you start, and sync after, It will ask you if you want to use back-up or set up as new

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    Lovely! Just a quick one on this....

    a) do i remove my sim card before I begin this process?
    b) So I upgrade the firmware in iTunes, then what happens? Does it ask me to activate or something? I guess what I'm asking is, at what point do I quit itunes and startup quickpwn?

    Thanks Broomhead!

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    hook up to iTunes and "download only" the firmware. you could restore first, but its not completely necessary
    then run quickpwn..
    leave the sim in it.

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    Hi! Thanks for your invite. It seems to have worked well apart from one problem - I think the phone is locked again. I'm on the UK carrier Orange. I left my sim in as you said, and the quickpwn has successfully jailbroken the phone (i can access installer/cydia etc) and my backup is present. However, I have absolutely no signal and the 'Network' field in the about menu says 'Not Available' . Has it not unlocked my phone? Hope you can help! x

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    You will need to run pwnqge tool and make sure you check the activate box and the unlock box this should take care of the problem. I had to run it twice on my 4 gig for same issue.
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