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Thread: 1.1.4 woes... please help

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    Default 1.1.4 woes... please help
    Just upgraded my 1.1.3 (Nate True's method) to 1.1.4 (ZiPhone 2.5)

    Man it was a shocker. Any help would be great. I am a noob at this so please bear with me. Here is the log of what I've noted thus far

    1) Swirly MMS and SMSD doesnt even load up when it used to
    2) Maps locate me says I am in some part of the U.S. when I am residing in Singapore
    3) Customize cannot be installed
    4) I cannot turn off EDGE even though I've installed Services when I could when I was on 1.1.3

    Any solutions other than hope and pray the updates of these softwares ( for 1 and 3)gets released soon?
    How do I solve issue 2 cos I would love to be living in the States but I am not.
    Is there another software similar to Services (Boss Pref perhaps? )that I can use to disable EDGE cos it is costing me $$$ as I am not on an unlimited data plan

    Am really starting to regret going to 1.1.4


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    1. u'd have to wait for the new versions compatible with 1.1.4
    2. install from installer and try again
    3. same as q1 (it has been released today i think)
    4. it might be off, and all u see is an icon.. ? are u sure u're being charged?
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Thanks for your fast response Stocis

    2) I've tried and still I get the same response. I managed to get a location fix using Navizon but the native locate me (bottom left icon on Maps page) still says I am living in Arizona

    4) I am sure EDGE is still on and everytime I check back on usage, I realised my iPhone has downloaded more bytes.. .sigh... What do you use to manage your connectivity options Stocis?

    Thanks in advance

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    um for edge i use bossprefs

    concerning .. does it work? you have to be online and get a fix on ur location from that app and then try
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Boss Pref works like a charm!!! Thanks!!!

    I'll try locate me app again

    thanks bro

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    no probs glad i helped
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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