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Thread: Firmware 3.0 All Inclusive Jailbroken Awesomeness!

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    Not that lucky, took a 450 chunk out of my pocket!

    And no ques here at the store, just me, lol

    It may just be me looking for other improvements but the sound quality and volume seems alot better too.

    The new camera features are kick-***.

    And of course, the speed.

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    Can you tell us something about the colors of the screen? Are they better/yellowisher/worser? I`m wondering this because of the new layer that should avoid fingerprints.

    Have fun with it

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    AZ gets a lot hotter Vegas. Buy we actually been having a nice summer in LV for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3rdeye View Post
    Can you tell us something about the colors of the screen? Are they better/yellowisher/worser? I`m wondering this because of the new layer that should avoid fingerprints.

    Have fun with it
    They look fine to me, no fingerprints on mine yet either.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy51081 View Post
    Lol, Just got back from the O2 shop with my shiny new 3G S, verrrry nice!!

    Go on flame away for rubbing salt in them wounds
    This post is worthless without a pic

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    So I'm thinking at this point that they found out that the exploit still works on the 3GS and that's why they are waiting. That or I'm an idiot, take your pick.

    I decided I'd try to score one today at the ATT store without a preorder, gonna hit that line pretty soon.

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    How's that? Uploaded straight from the phone. Ok you want an image too?


    Just bear in mind when looking at the image above, my room is below ground level and therefore very dark, plus i was sitting between the only light and the box, lol
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    Video looks really good. Is the phone speed noticeable?

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    The speed is very noticeable yes, apps open super fast. Web pages also open faster, obviously it all depends on the carrier but images load alot quicker.

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    My beta 5 just expired!

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    just woke up and my beta 5 expired! Darn

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    Crap! I hope that I took off the date the right way on my beta 5 lol I'm on the road And don't have Internet connection lol....

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    Looks great Andy.

    Wish my carrier(t-mobile, netherlands) offered a nice upgrade from 3g to 3gs. They are only offering an extra 2 year contract above the 1 year that I still need to do now. (so till 2012) Plus an additinal 99 euro for the 16GB model..

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    Let's hope this is the day. Earlier better than later.

    Do you think they are waiting to get their hands on a 3GS iPhone before they release it?

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    @mombopete they probably are now that they said that it has the same bb CPU....they probably want to see of it is able to be jb fast....if not and it takes more work they will prolly release for 3gs later

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    Just got my 32GB 3GS, second in line, first out the door. I wasn't gonna do it, but I did it anyway.

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    I really want a 3GS, stupid o2 give me an early upgrade!!


    If I helped, don't forget to click thanks

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    Unfortunately the 3gs still takes forever to sync, I'm getting a little antsy here. The furthest I've gone is a few seconds playing with the compass.

    **Correction** Large files (podcasts) still take forever, but songs seem faster
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    Got three 32 gb 3Gs

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    On one contract right?

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