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Thread: Help me out please!

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    Default Help me out please!
    So i have a 2G, 8gb iphone. its used. and i want to run game emulators on it. what do i do?

    im guessin i need to jailbreak it first. im following this guide:

    Pwnage 2.0 Guide

    ive downloaded the files and the first step is connect your iphone.
    says a popup will come up involving upgrading.

    this doesnt happen for me. in the guide it says if this popup doesnt happen, download the .ipsw file from apple and place into the Library/Itunes/Iphonne Software Update directory.

    I have done this, and have no clue what it is im supposed to do next to continue with the guide.

    Apparently I need this popup in itunes to ask me if I want to download the upgrade so that I can run Pwnage 2.0 during the process.

    But i cant seem to figure out how to make this popup happen.

    Please help!

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    Yes you need to jailbreak your phone. Since you have a 2G chances are your running 2.2.1. in which case there won't be an upgrade option. Restore to a stock 2.2.1 IPSW. then run quickpwn. next in cydia add ZodTTD source, which is usually added automatically. then just install the emulators. ROMS and BIOS are illegal so if the emulator doesn't come with it then google it.

    One more thing, Aside form the NES emulator the rest of them have crazy controls that overlay the actual game. its not the best...

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    Default help me out please
    yes, your correct that i am running 2.2.1
    so by restore, do you mean i place the .ipsw that the pwnage guide tells me to into the library/itunes/iphone software updates directory? and then from there, do i run the restore option on my iphone section of itunes?

    oh and i dont mind running the strange controls. i just wanna play oldschool rpg's and such, nothing that would require very much "precision" with control.
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