You can go to a site on your iPhone or Touch or even your computer to create your own Repository list of applications and add the list to your Sources with your own name. Heres how....

Go to ... iAppCat stands for (iPhone Application Catalog) This location is where you can find a list of all the Repositories available.

The idea is that you can create your own applications list and name and add it to your Sources in the Installer App.

On the iPhone or Touch. Click the + sign to add the iAppCat Icon to your iPhone.

After Registering, Select 'Repo" and look through all the current repositories and add the Apps you like and want to use.

Then click on list. You will see the name of your source. This is the source you will add to the Installer app under sources.

First though..go to settings and name your application list.

Go to Sources in the Installer and add your source. Refresh.

Now your list will show up under Install.

Now use this to add applications to your iPhone.

You may see a doubling up of applications under install. This is because you have them coming from the other Repositories on your list.

When your comfortable...Delete the other repositories in Sources and just have your own. (Don't forget to add Installer to your List)

Eventually, you want to uninstall Apps. and reinstall them from your list.

As for seeing whats new. In iAppCat scroll to the bottom of the page...Click on 'Updates' you will see whats new and you can add the to your list.

For instance, there is a fix for Customize on 1.1.4. By Skylar Customize 1.2 Custom)2 .....Nice FIX. Remove old customize. Install new one. Reboot.

Fixed. Wow !!

I encourage everyone to do this. Then you don't have to ever growing list of install Apps you don't want. But just a list of the ones you do.

iAppCat has a Forum as well. Good luck.