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Thread: Can anyone help me with a downgrading issue?

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    Default Can anyone help me with a downgrading issue?
    Well just recently I updated to 3.0, wanting to check out the new firmware, and see its new features first hand. Well, I completely forgot about having to be a dev.... So I downgraded back to 2.2.1 and got the 1013 error I believe it was like I was supposed to. I fired up quickpwn, jailbroke and it seemed fine. Well, I have one (major) problem. It seems that the phone features aren't working correctly. It shows 1 bar of service, and no AT&T carrier logo, like it hasn't been activated yet. Is it a baseband issue? Or, well, most importantly, is there anyway to fix the phone? If worse came to worse I could call apple and see if I could get a repair.
    Thank you all for the help.

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    1013 is baseband mismatch issue.Coz you cannot downgrade your baseband.You lost yellowSnow&unfortunately its unable to revert the baseband to get it back.So do a clean restore & goto apple...
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    This may sound dumb, but did you reboot your phone?

    Maybe if you try an old "trick" bytr putting your phone into airplane mode , power off and on, then take the phone out of airplane mode.

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    Ok,i was not here in 15 days.So now,i just heard,there is a method at web(irecovery).But i don't know if it works or not...

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    I think I did something wrong in the DFU process.. Might not have been holding buttons for the right amount of time. First go around next to Carrier in the settings > general > about it read (null) (null). First thing I thought was Oh SH*T. So I did a restore again, following steps as best I could.

    On the next go around eventually it told me iPhone was activated. but whenever the phone restarted, it would start a loop of saying I had 1 bar, no AT&T logo, or edge, then say Searching..., then No Service. It would repeat lots of times and eventually I would regain service, hours later.

    But to anyone with this problem, I followed this guide.


    on a Windows Computer

    1) open itunes
    2) get iphone in DFU mode
    3) select restore iphone (using the original 2.2.1 firmware, not the custom one)
    4) let iphone do the restart process until you get ERROR 1013
    5) close itunes
    6) open quickpwn. you will get a message saying to hold power and home for 15 seconds. do it exactly like that hold the power and home for 15 secs.
    7) turn on iphone by holding power button for 2 secs
    8) open itunes and BINGO iphone is recognize and activated

    there you go...

    PS: iphone works fine on FW 2.2.1 and the newer baseband 04.20.01

    For DFU mode, I used this from

    Method 1)
    Attach the phone to the pc
    Turn the phone off
    Hold power and home together for *exactly* 10 seconds
    Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.
    At no point will the display come on. Now your restore should work.

    Once back in, It may or may not activate, but I jailbroke with Quickpwn, and eventually it started working even after a restart. Now the phones working perfectly (for now )

    If this isn't clear enough for anyone, please let me know, I'll do everything I can to elaborate more on the process.

    Oh, just for reference, I use using a 3G, 2.2.1, and AT&T. Even though it's been said.
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