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Thread: How do you install 2.2 firmware when restoring iphone?

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    Default How do you install 2.2 firmware when restoring iphone?
    Hey guys,
    The deal is I got a replacement phone in the mail from my phone company today because I had a dead pixel on the screen. When I plugged in the new phone it automatically updated to the newest firmware. I tried using the firmwares online from this site but it doesn't allow me to properly restore my iphone through Itunes it gives me a 1013 error halfway through. I know that there is a whole process to doing it but now I it even worth it if I can't unlock it now?

    The unlock is extremely important to me as I am moving away in a month to the States (from Canada) for 4 months and if I don't have the unlock I am F'ed lol.

    So i have a couple choices here, I can
    a) wait for the dev team to "possibly" come up with a fix for this. But who knows how long that will take.. I clearly don't have a lot of time.
    b)send the new phone back because my old iPhone works completely fine. Call up the company and say I sent the wrong phone out by accident and have them send me a new phone..(but will I even be able to upgrade straight to 2.2 from there or will it be a big waste of time? What do people who are just buying iphones doing to get the unlock to work?
    c)Buy a turbo SIM or proxy SIM? Although I have NO idea what those are.

    Thanks to any help anyone can provide me, I'm in a tight spot here and don't really know what to do so I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks guys,

    Please help anyone?

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    Is this a 2G or 3G iPhone?

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    My mistake it is a 3g.

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    Whats the firmware on it currently?

    If its below 2.2. Then download the 2.2 (Not 2.2.1) firmware onto your computer (somewhere where you will remember it is). Open itunes. Put the phone into DFU mode. Then once itunes recognizes it in DFU mode. Hold down the SHIFT key, while you press the restore button. Itunes will then allow you to pick the firmware that you recently downloaded. and then it will restore. If you come up with an error code. Open qickpwn 2.2.5 and it should tell you what to do. Then jailbreak, and unlock with yellowsn0w.
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    once I have updated to 2.2.1 doesn't that perma screw up my baseband?

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    Well you can download 2.2 which changes the baseband to 2.28 (which is unlockable). But it you donwload 2.2.1 it will change the phone to 2.30 (leaving your phone unlockable).
    2.2.1 can be jailbroken through quickpwn. But cant be unlocked will yellowsn0w. UNLESS, you had a custom ISPW which left the baseband at 2.28. If not, then you will need a turbo sim to unlock.
    Turbo sims are sim card unlockers which can be bought on ebay.
    Cost of one is about $5 to $30 shipped in the U.S

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