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Thread: Downgrade to 2.2.1 from 3.0

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    Exclamation Downgrade to 2.2.1 from 3.0
    To restore:

    1. Attempt a restore of 2.2.1 in DFU Mode

    2. Get the iTunes error message.

    3. Reset device

    4. Launch QuickPwn

    5. Press next and get past the first 3 steps.

    6. Bam, phone is fixed.

    Has Not Been Tested On Ipod 1g Yet but should work

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    The baseband that comes with OS 3.0 won't downgrade using any method on either the 2st Gen or iPhone 3G. There is no unlock for the new baseband (or the current one for that matter). Lastly i don't think you can even use the 3.0 Dev copy if you're not in the program because it won't activate.

    Whwn you DFU restore to 2.2.1 iTunes will give you an error at the end (most likely 1015 or 1013) indicating a baseband/firmware mismatch.

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    this worked... unbricked my phone!

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    correct me if I am wrong but 3.0 is not available until the summer...

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    sorry wrong section :P should have read before posting

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    I have the ipsw,
    I have ID dev, but I no paid the tax for Dev Apple...
    hum hum hum

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    Quote Originally Posted by juantxu3 View Post
    I have the ipsw,
    I have ID dev, but I no paid the tax for Dev Apple...
    hum hum hum
    Better not (: It will lock your iphone (same as my )% )

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    Thankx @maoos

    I ear that the apps 2.2.1 works in the 3.0

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    man, it's not working for me...
    i get the error about detecting an iphone but it's not compatible or something,
    then when I try to reset it, it boots into recovery mode and QuickPwn won't recognize it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kju204 View Post
    man, it's not working for me...
    i get the error about detecting an iphone but it's not compatible or something,
    then when I try to reset it, it boots into recovery mode and QuickPwn won't recognize it.
    Same )%

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    I wait
    It will be better...

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    The 3.0 beta was posted last night on a popular torrent forum.

    As most found out after the download was complete, your phone won't activate unless your UDID is added to a legit dev account.

    Many people were asking for $1 donations to have their UDID added to a dev account so the 3.0 beta would activate. The dev accounts are $99 so basically 100 people is 1 dev account.

    Anyway, now there are hundreds if not thousands of people running 3.0 who are not developers.

    For some reason the torrent was removed (probably because of all the selling of dev spots) but there is a new one as of this morning.

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    Hey guys if QuickPwn won't recognize on my mac. So I just try QuickPwn on my PC it worked/recognize for me. Hope it helps, Thanks delldude1989.

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    Hello guys, i know i never posted before, but have been watching from the beginning. Never had anything to talk about because all you guys where a lot faster.

    Okay, first of all let me say how stupid i was when i upgraded before i received my activation email for de developer program. I still didn't receive it by the way so not a real developer yet.

    But i read this topic hoping official for a way back from my mistake, and had no luck really. Nor with OSX nor with Windows. Although that didn't stop me from trying.

    I live in the Netherlands, so my official carrier is T-Mobile. This is what i did to get it back up and running with my official carrier.

    First download an original IPSW version of 2.2.1
    Download the latest pwnagetool (i uses the OSX version)

    Build a custom firmware, with NONE of the options enabled, so no activation, no boot neuter nothing. (you can enable installer and cydia if you want to).

    Put your iPhone into DFU mode and restore the iPhone with the custom IPSW.
    (If it goes right then there will be no errors)

    When the iPhone is rebooted, you will need to have it activated by iTunes, in my case it was just connecting and setting it up as a new device.

    The next step is to enter the PIN into your phone is you use a PIN.

    Here's where it gets interesting, No reception bars, and no service!
    At this time i thought the modem firmware (baseband) was locked to ATT, but because i have T-Mobile i wasn't this happy. I had a expensive ipod Touch.

    After about one or two minutes there was a warning: "Waiting for activation" it said. I could only tab close.
    Still no reception.

    And then after about 3 maybe 4 minutes an other message arrived: "Activation successful". Again i could only tab close.

    And there it was, the holy grail, i have reception from T-Mobile.

    Ik can do everything with my iPhone.

    Off course all these steps scared the hell out of me. But I'm hard headed, so when my activation code comes in and then have registered my phone, then naturally i will upgrade to 3.0 once more :-)

    Sorry for the long story, but i just know this will help some people who like me where to quick to jump on this update.

    Best of luck.
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    this sucks. i cant downgrade and i use my phone as an alarm. so im pretty much stuck waiting till morning time. im thinking of calling apple over this. idk though.

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    wtf man read my site on how to do it step by step, i did it 6 times last night
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    I've been trying to do this for hours but Quickpwn won't recognize my iPhone

    F**k! I had to go to a windows pc so Quickpwn would recognize my iPhone after I had downgraded it with iTunes. I was happy my phone was finally back. So all I had to do was go back to my iTunes and restore my previous backup, so I wouldn't loose all my contacts, photos etc. And guess what iTunes tells me? That it's not capable of restoring my latest backup to my current iPhone firmware since it's older. So all the info that changed on my iPhone since I had this 3.0 beta firmware from hell is lost.
    Don't upgrade. It's buggy enough for you to give-up using it in a day, and you'll spend another one figuring out how to get your old iPhone back.
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    how did you downgrade in the first place? did you do this all through a pc? or a mac then quickpwn through a pc?

    im in the same boat.. went to apple today and they said im sol.. cant replace anything because of firmware related issues.. lame!

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    I can't even seem to get down to 2.2.1 even for QuickPwn. It says I need the 3.0 firmware. If I can ever get back to original settings I might not even considering jailbreaking ever again, this is a nightmare!

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