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Thread: Survey Question: Best firmware for 2g iPhone???

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    Default Survey Question: Best firmware for 2g iPhone???
    As I said, I have installed v2.2.1 on my 1st gen, 2g iPhone and successfully unlocked/jailbroke. But a few remaining issues:

    1. Installer on v1.1.4 still listed my old fav apps (that I want again) such as Summerboard themes, Customize, WeTools, SMB, mpg (auto app), Books, etc. But v2.2.1 does not! Is this an issue of needing to add more resources, or those aren't compatible with v2.2.1? Many of these are not listed on Cydia either
    2. The wallpaper will not show up! It does on the slide/unlock screen, but not the springboard. Is this a bug issue?
    3. I installed Kate which offers some of these customizations, but doesn't seem to work. I reset springboard and no change, no 5 app dock, or anything. Any ideas why? Also, I can't uninstall it! Keeps saying "script error". I was hoping to get away from that kind of problem by upgrading.
    4. Other than ability to download app store stuff, is there any REAL, quantifiable advantage of 2.2.1 over 1.1.4 (or something inbetween). So far, I'm not impressed, doesn't seem to provide the functionality I expected from everyone's recommending it and is extremely complex, too many options really and no one seems interested in weeding out the "also-rans". For example, do we really need 7 or 8 people to rip off the original iFlix/iPhlix app and market it in the app store? Copying the other guy's great idea, and just changing the font or something stupid like that, is not a good path to success.

    Overall, Is there any way to eat my cake and have it too?

    Thanks, D

    Edit: OMG now Kate won't uninstall, says "script error"! Does anyone else have these problems with v2.2.1? Is there any other method, maybe more reliable, to unlock/jailbreak 2.2.1 than QuickPwn?

    Could more people please respond regarding the best firmware (overall) to use? I'm interested in stability and non-headache interface over trying to get the most "tweaks" possible. I upgraded to v2.2.1 firmware on a 1st gen, 2g iPhone and now trying to figure out if this is really the "best" or not. I'm not someone who always thinks the newest is the best, so please justify your opinion of the best firmware version.

    I can't get Kate to uninstall--suggestions?
    I can't get the wallpaper to show up on springboard--why?
    Is the only advantage of 2.2.1 that fact you can download from app store? Is there any other reason why I should believe that 2.2.1 is actually better than a previous, proven version? Anything else to say? I would really appreciate some feedback here. Help please!

    27 views and not one single opinion??? wow, not much participation for such a large forum.
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    kate is crap
    wallpaper doesnt show on springboard unless your using winterboard(summerboard for 1.1.4 bellow)
    customize/summerboard is dead, use winterboard. compatable with all themes
    USE CYDIA installer is buggy and has only a few sources.
    use 5icon dock for 5 icon dock, not kate
    why update to 2.0+ apart from app store?? WELL stabability has got to be a major plus.
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    seann33uk has summed it up quite nicely. Things have moved on since summerboard/installer/kate
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    "why update to 2.0+ apart from app store?? WELL stabability has got to be a major plus.
    Why are people still asking about dead apps like customize and summerboard!"

    How is it stable if no one even bothered to say a single app (Kate) could screw it up?? And, just because an app is older or no longer supported, does not mean it is 'dead'. If it works every time you need it to, that's the meaning of stability. Who cares if you have a 2010 car, where you have to face risk or future problems, if you can stick with a tried and true 2001 car??

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    Kate is not designed for 2+ and should NOT be used - nor should installer.
    If you want to stick with primitive software stick with 1.1X
    Or get a Nokia
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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