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Thread: Best firmware to install on iPhone 2G?

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    Question Best firmware to install on iPhone 2G?
    I have a 1st gen iPhone that I've been using for about 1.5 years, factory installed v1.0.2 firmware so I knew it would be unlockable with no problems (at the time, v1.1.3 and later software were still touch and go). Anyway, I have some experience in jailbreaking/unlocking something like a dozen iphones for people (including myself) using software such as Anysim, Apptapp, Pacay, iBrickr, Ziphone, etc.

    I had installed dozens of 3rd party apps through Installer (before App store even existed) and used/ing T-mobile all this time, so I've been pretty successful so far. However ...

    Just yesterday my phone kept booting to the yellow triangle, requesting iTunes assistance, and I could not get it to full boot. I tried connecting with Winscp, iBrickr, no dice. I tried reinstalling just certain portions of software to unlock again (trying to avoid firmware reformat), but no luck. At the minimum, I wanted to see if I could backup all the data on the phone to some folder and try to put it back later; but no luck

    So I bit the bullet and reinstalled firmware, deciding to upgrade while I'm at it to v1.1.4 which has a few improved features. Before I spend the next 6 months restoring all my customizations and apps (not to mention having lost ALL my contacts, calendar info, notes, youtubes, etc.), I would like to assess the best options.

    1. Should I leave at v1.1.4 for any reason?
    2. I read that I would have to upgrade to at least v2.0 firmware to use App store apps. Is this true?
    3. If so, should I upgrade to Just v2.0 ... or should I go the extra mile and upgrade to v2.2.1 (or something inbetween)?
    4. I could really use some expert guidance here on pros and cons of just which firmware I should use for the following criteria:
    a. Stability - I don't want any more crashes and data loss.
    b. Performance - Which firmware do you guys feel will provide the greatest number of "tweaks" and improvements for usability while not risking my phone needlessly to get just "5%" improvement?
    c. Versatility - Which level of firmware will allow me the greatest flexibility when it comes to modding, customizing, putting both Apple and non-Apple "approved" 3rd party apps?
    d. User Friendly - Whatever firmware is suggested, I want a simple, direct, reliable, fool-proof way to Unlock, Jailbreak, use t-mobile, use all kinds of 3rd party apps, etc. Like I said, I'm not inexperienced with cracking these phones, but out of the loop for a few months and would like the best software available that requires no special writing of code, creating special gadgets to unlock, etc.
    5. Perhaps most important - Is there any way to scan the drive of this phone and retrieve "deleted" data? I have FinalData software but never tried it on an iPhone. Any other way to get my data back? When I connected to iTunes, it mentioned a backup or "restore option" dated November 2008. I would have been thrilled to back up to this point, even though I might not get to upgrade to v1.1.4, but I must have done something wrong and now I can't find that option. Any way to bring it back up in iTunes? Please provide any options/opinions you can.

    So what is the general consensus - What is the best firmware version and jailbreak/activate method for a 1st gen iPhone (currently on v1.1.4)? I've been reading about all this Pwntool and Pwnage but don't really get it. I would rather avoid creating some special, custom firmware or anything else that might increase the possibility of it not working right, unless I'm being overly cautious and these are now the best tools?? idk

    Please respond asap since I'm literally just waiting for some more experienced advice so I can choose the right upgrade approach and get started on restoring my phone. Thanks!!

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    1. Yes... It's a classic. EDIT: To clarify, though, that was serious. I love 1.1.3/1.1.4. I wish I still ran it.
    2. Yes.
    3. Might as well go to 2.2.1, it's the most stable.
    4a. 2.2.1
    4b. 2.2.1
    4c. 2.2.1
    4d. 2.2.1
    5. Yep. Restore again and when it asks, use that backup. Make sure you don't sync and make another backup from now that won't be useful to you.

    Quickpwn is incredibly easy to use, though. You shouldn't have any problems.
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    i would say use 2.1 cuz it is the last version that mostly everything worked on

    but the appstore apps mostly require 2.2

    so if you go to 2.2 might as well go to 2.2.1

    the rest ALL_DAY got you covered on

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    Poseidon79, why do you recommend 2.2.1, any specific reasons or benefits of this version over previous ones?

    Also, if I update to v2.2.1 using iTunes, can I use basically any software, e.g., Ziphone, iBrickr, iDemocracy, etc. to jailbreak/unlock again? Or must it be QuickPwn for some reason? Or, will it even be necessary to re unlock? My only hesitation about using Quickpwn is that it requires making a "custom" ipsw file and those bl files. I'd prefer to keep things as simple as possible to reduce the possibility of complications or errors arising. Or, maybe Quickpwn will recognize that I've already upgraded to 2.2.1 and not require making a custom file? I'm just a little confused about the variations in processes between all these different software. What do you recommend?

    I took everyone's advice and upgraded to firmware v2.2.1 and now I'm stuck at trying to unlock my phone again. Tried 6 times now and it won't get past the stupid stage of holding down buttons. Every time, it says "QuickPwn has encountered an error and must close. To see what this error report says, click ... blah blah blah. Stupid!

    Is there a better way? Is there an updated Ziphone that can do it? Much better interface I think. Any suggestions?

    Finally got it unlocked/unjailed with QuickPwn. The only difference that I can figure--I didn't check the box for customizing boot logos. Maybe there's something unstable about that part of the software?
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    Not at all, from my knowledge. That's weird, though...
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    Tell you what i did. I put the phone on its dock and bought another 1st gen iphone albeit used unlocked and jailbroken on 2.2 because i actually use my phone to communicate with on a daily basis. I added Winterboard and a few free apps from the itunes. I spent 12 hours trying to unlock and I did except the screen shows the itunes logo and slide emergency but yet I can put my tmobile sim and call anyone i want. It was on 2.1 firmware the best IMHO

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    Default Further developments
    As I said, I have installed v2.2.1 and unlocked/jailbroken. But a few remaining issues:

    1. 1. Installer on v1.1.4 still listed my old fav apps (that I want again) such as Customize, WeTools, SMB, mpg (auto app), Books, etc. But v2.2.1 does not! Is this an issue of needing to add more resources, or those aren't compatible with v2.2.1?
    2. 2. The wallpaper will not show up! It does on the slide/unlock screen, but not the springboard. Is this a bug issue?
      I might note, I installed Kate which seems to offer some of these customizations, but doesn't seem to change anything. I reset springboard and no change, no 5 app dock, or anything. Any ideas?
    3. 3. Other than ability to download app store stuff, is there any real advantage of 2.2.1 over 1.1.4 (or something inbetween). So far, I'm not impressed, doesn't seem to provide the functionality I expected from everyone's recommending it.
      Is there any way to eat my cake and have it too?

    Thanks, D

    Edit: OMG now Kate won't uninstall, says "script error"! Does anyone else have these problems with v2.2.1? Is there any other method, maybe more reliable, to unlock/jailbreak 2.2.1 than QuickPwn?

    Could more people please respond regarding the best firmware (overall) to use? I'm interested in stability and non-headache interface over trying to get the most "tweaks" possible. I upgraded to v2.2.1 firmware on a 1st gen, 2g iPhone and now trying to figure out if this is really the "best" or not. I'm not someone who always thinks the newest is the best, so please justify your opinion of the best firmware version.

    I can't get Kate to uninstall--suggestions?
    I can't get the wallpaper to show up on springboard--why?
    Is the only advantage of 2.2.1 that fact you can download from app store? Anything else?
    Help please!

    On a related note, is there any way to find an older backup that doesn't show up in the iTunes dropdown menu (when you right click on your phone and click "restore from backup")? For example, is there a folder that retains these in a manner similar to Microsoft's restore points?
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    I'm running 2.2, but to tell you the truth, there is not one essential app I use from the app store. (Got bored of most free versions of games after a few plays and just deleted)

    1.1.4 ran waaaaay faster than anything 2.0 and after. I wish I still had 1.1.4.

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    does anyone have any newer opinions?

    i have used a jailbroken ipod touch running firmware 3.0 and it runs flawless as far as cydia app and other 3rd party apps go

    now i know the touch isnt exactly the same as the iphone but i just got a 2g iphone i unlocked using bootneuter and jailbroke firmware 3.1.2 using blackra!n, i have to reload the software 3 times and be very careful what i tried to do with it...anything involving the springboard was an instant failure...other than that i got the mms and push and everything working perfectly

    i need to reload software again, any advice ideas on if i should stick with 3.1.2 or go to 3.0 or any other firmware?

    what will i be sacraficing if i downgrade?

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    I like 2.2.1 or 2.1 because no issues with wifi or battery problem like 3.0 or 3.1 but now the nicer games like Earthworm Jim or Nick Chase is 3.0 firmware at least. Decison is yours.

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    I've used almost everything from 1.0.2 on, and I think that 3.0 is the best. Most apps are optimized to run on 3.x, there are great jb/unlocking apps, and the added functionality makes it worth while. I haven't had any battery issues-- you just have to know how to turn of push notifications and other non-essential functions (brightness, ssh, wifi if you aren't near a signal...). IMHO.

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