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Thread: A few questions about jail breaking

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    Default A few questions about jail breaking
    I was always under the impression that if someone bricked their iphone because it was jail broken that apple wouldn't replace it under warranty. but someone i know was able to get their iphone replaced even though it was jailbroken. So whats the real deal?

    how does bricking occur in some jail broken phones but not all?

    i am currently running 2.2 jail broken, but i want to upgrade to the latest firmware. When i upgrade via itunes what happpens to all the files associated with cydia and the apps i installed? are they erased or still there taking up space?

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    Apple declared jailbreaking "illegal", they will NOT help you if its jailbroken. With that said, if your phone is bricked and they cant tell its jailbroken your still in luck.

    There are many ways of bricking the phone, its usually operator error. Mismatching "stuff". But its much harder to brick your phone with the jailbreaking applications that are out now....

    If you upgrade all your stuff will be erased. But the best thing to do is a clean restore then upgrade. Otherwise, yeah some "stuff" can be left in the file system.

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    damn a clean restore, but then i lose text messages and photo reel. because that's backed up with a full back up. but a full back up saves the jail broken files right?

    thanks for the reply

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    If you have your stuff synced with can sync it all back when your done. This includes txt msgs.

    And no, jailbroken apps (stuff from Cydia) do not get synced, only apple stuff.

    A "full" backup is not a copy of the firmware, its just your stuff. It doesnt re-install the firmware.

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    so syncing backs up photo reels, i thought it only synced photo albums from you computer. my dad had to do a complete restore once and his photos from the photo reel was lost. hmmm knowing my dad he didn't sync his phone. but i always assumed that wasn't saved unless you did a back up of your phone.

    now i got to test that out. haha

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    Syncing will backup: all settings, contacts, photos (also from reel), sms, call logs, basically everything that is apple.

    If his photos didnt sync....he hadnt backed them up

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