How to NOT get stuck at the pineapple/apple Screen! [TIPS]
Most people get stuck at the pineapple screen as they go straight into jailbreaking the phone with all your data on,
This is what I would suggest you to do:
1-Back up your Contacts,Mail ETC
2-Fully restore your iphone, so making sure that you dont back it up from last time, so your iphone is "fresh". At this point do not put any data on,
3-Open QuickPWN (Use quickPWN as its the fastest jailbreaking OS IMO"
Follow the instructions
I only installed Cydia, As I dont use Installer as IMO it lags my phone :P
4- Wait till in goes in DFU and sets up
5- The pineapple/apple screen will come up for 30 seconds,
6- Sucess, then it will return you do your home/Lock screen
7- Re-sync everything