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Thread: First Post- Jailbreak Blues!

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    Default First Post- Jailbreak Blues!
    Well I finally got my 3G 8gb iPhone 2 days ago and after browsing here I wanted to get the xGPS app which meant jailbreaking the phone. Sounded simple enough, looks like there's enough step by step guides here- WRONG!

    First attempt- had the wrong version of Pwnage(2.0.1), not 2.2.5 installed, I found this out because I kept getting the "wrong firmware bundle selected" message. Downloaded 2.2.5 and was ready for attempt #2.

    Second attempt- Got all the way to the DFU mode setup and somehow kept messing up on the "hold power and return button" part and then out of nowhere it said "DFU mode ready" so I unplugged the USB like an idiot and the restore wouldn't work, I got the "iPhone could not be restored, an unknown error occurred" message. Which meant starting over... AGAIN!

    Third attempt- SUCCESS!!! Or so I thought... got the restore done and Cydia was on my springboard, buuuuuut.... I chose the wrong backup point and everything was gone(my email setup, contacts, etc) so I tried to re-do the restore with the custom point saved in my pwnage folder AND all of the info from my backup point, but another "unknown error occurred"

    So after messing with this for a few hours and going through a few of the 10+ minute steps of waiting to setup custom restore and re-restoring, etc, I'm done for the night. Hopefully tomorrow starting from square 1 after all the mistakes I can get this done and get Cydia, so I can get all the fine jailbreak apps like xGPS and Clippy and my iPhone can be the smartphone I expected it to be

    Now with that in mind, any tips on how to get that DFU mode on the first try- do you just press the power button, release THEN hold(with the return button) for 10 seconds, release again and leave the return button in for 10 seconds?

    When I saw that the phone wasn't on in "Attempt 2" I figured I was doing it wrong, especially when I kept getting the "Failed to enter DFU mode" message and then after about the 5th attempt it finally told me I was in DFU, but I freaked when the phone wasn't turning on.

    So anyways, sorry for the long post, but that's my story so far. Looking to learn a lot from these forums!

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    when you want to get into dfu mode just hold both power and home for 10 seconds then let go of the power and keep holding the home for 10

    if you want your backup from a different point just ctrl + click your iphone icon in the toolbar in itunes while its plugged in and choose "restore from backup"

    dont re-jailbreak it

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