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Thread: G1 user-couple questions about jailbreaking iphone

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    Default G1 user-couple questions about jailbreaking iphone
    i currently have a g1 and was thinking about switching to att for the iphone 3g....i have a couple questions though
    1) does the iphone notify you of gmail emails right when you get them? i love that within 5 minutes my phone notifies me that i have an email
    2)can you restore a jailbroke phone back to normal?
    3)do you have to re jailbreak every update?
    4)any reliable mms?
    5)does jailbreaking make your phone run slower? i read some places it does.

    thanks guys and sorry for newb questions. i am still contemplating whether to switch...i love my g1 but it lacks music compatibility with a lot of stuff i own which is a must for me..

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    If gmail uses "Push" than you will get notified immediately.

    Yes, you can restore back to normal.

    You have to re-jailbreak every update.

    No MMS for AT&T.

    Jailbreaking does not make the phone run slower.....however, all the stuff your gonna do because its jailbroken probably will. I run alot of stuff, but done right....runs good.

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    gmail will notify you within 15 minutes but i have gotten it immediately after it is sent

    there are mms clients but not very reliable

    why switch to at&t you can just unlock and stay with tmobile

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