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Thread: unlocked iphone 1.1.2 but won't dock AND I dont even know which way it was unlocked!!

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    Default unlocked iphone 1.1.2 but won't dock AND I dont even know which way it was unlocked!!
    any help appreciated. I should have tried to fix this long ago. I bought my iphone unlocked about a year ago. I believe it is 1.1.2

    Thing is, I don't know what was used to unlock it. And it has NEVER docked to my mac, ever. I just use it as a phone and a portable email solution, and just havent taken the time to fix it. Now I'm sick of not being able to use it fully, and dock it.

    How do i figure out what software was used to unlock it? How do update it now so that it might, hopefully dock.

    I am also in canada, and would like, if possible, to be able to update to current canadian iphone software, so I can update on itunes, if this is even possible.

    Any help appreciated

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    I don't think that it really matters what you originally used to unlock it. If you have a 2G iPhone (metal-back) then you can just update to the latest firmware and unlock it using Quickpwn or Pwnage tool. I would suggest using Quickpwn, which is self-explanitory and here is a guide for Pwnage tool.

    Guide to Unlock 2G iPhone with Pwnage Tool for Mac
    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 2G iPhone (Mac) [Updated 2.2.1]
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    I can't find Cydia on app store

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    thanks for the info and link. I am trying Pwnage Tool right now but the "10 minute" build has been going on for over an hour. Somehow it's not looking like it's working. Frustrating

    well YAY it worked finally. BUT STUPID ME I missed the OBVIOUS.. all my data is gone gone gone. No backup of course bc I could never dock my phone bf. So.... everything from a year is gone. Dumb dumb dumb
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