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Thread: too late to jailbreak?

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    Default too late to jailbreak?
    The Home Button on my G1 iPod Touch is broken- 2 mos after the warranty expired. I have never jailbroken/modded my iPod. I wanted to do so now to make use of either "dock" or the soft home button app (whatever it's called) to restore some functionality switching between apps. However, I just read the instructions for using the pwn tool jailbreak, but it requires putting the iPod in "restore" mode at some point in the process. But I don't think I can do that without using the home button.

    Is there a way to get into "restore" mode without the home button?

    Is there a jailbreak method that doesn't require me to do so?

    Or am I just screwed?
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    Isn't the home button the way we exit applications? If your home button is broke how do you plan on doing this simple task let alone a jailbreak?

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    ^^^check cydia for ihome. it will pretty much replace the home button once jailbroken.

    as far as the home button being broken try consulting one of the hardware specialists here like one1 or cpjr. they might be able to help you fix it yourself. i currently dont know of a way to force it into dfu.
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    Oh, when your home button breaks, you figure out all kinds of work arounds. You can always hold down the off button to reset. That gets you back to the main menu. It just takes a long time.

    Also, I can get back to the menu from any app with a link to their site- once I'm in Safari, I go to AppShoper and click an app store link. From there I either do an update or just download some free crap and that puts me back at the menu. Takes a while too, but I prefer doing things to staring at the apple.

    Really the only thing that I simply cannot do is listen to music while I do anything else. There aren't any links in music, so the only way out is the reset, which stops the music, so...

    So all I can't do is music plus anything else. Oh, and put it in restore mode.

    If it was any more broken at all, I'd crack it open, no question. But it mostly works so, there's more at stake.

    Just seems like there's got to be a software way out of it.

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