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Thread: some help for a 1.1.2 oldie who wants to upgrade

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    Default some help for a 1.1.2 oldie who wants to upgrade
    hi everyone

    i'm sorry if my question has been answered many times before or if it is answered in one of the guides and i haven't found it.

    My case is probably not that common anymore:

    Iphone 2g, still with 1.1.2 firmware
    living in europe so it is jailbroken and unlocked

    i haven't been following the jailbreaking and unlocking progress in the community that close anymore since the software unlock for the post-week 45 iPhones.

    Now that i see that there are some nice apps in the original app-store i was wondering if i can upgrade

    So i've seen the Guide for upgrading from 1.1.2, that should work, but can i just proceed with the guide even tough i'm already jailbroken and unlocked?

    do i have to unlock again? my provider has iphone 3gs but never had 2Gs

    So my main questions are, can i just follow the guide? what data will i lose?

    Thanks already

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    If you do a backup you will retain all stock stuffs (such as SMS, emails, etc.) but everything else from the jailbreak you will lose. Just update straight to 2.2.1 and pwn it. Jailbreaking/unlocking has gotten ALOT simpler since 1.1.2. And by alot, I mean it is virtually the same as simply updating firmware now
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    1. yes, just proceed with the quickpwn guide
    2, yes, you will need to unlock again
    3, Back up your iPhone before you start, then sync after you done upgrading. you will loose your 3rd party apps and will need to re-install them with cydia

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    thanks for the fast replies

    so still no possibility to backup 3rd party apps
    wasn't there something about those custom packages ones? where you would load a complete firmware with your choice of 3rd party apps already in it?

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    1.1.x apps are not going to work with 2.X sorry

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