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Thread: Can anyone help me please?

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    Default Can anyone help me please?
    Hello everyone,

    I am hoping that one/some of you intelligent people might be able to help.

    Some time ago I jailbroke and unlocked my son's first gen iphone using iLibertyX.

    As time has gone on I am getting a little tired of having an old version of iTunes running on my macbook and I would also like to be able to download apps etc to his iPhone.

    The iPhone software version is 1.1.4 and iTunes is 7.6.2.

    Am I best to just leave it and allow him to enjoy using an unlocked iPhone or can I upgrade with some confidence? I have been looking at QuickPwn and this looks excellent but I would hate to mess everything up.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

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    Hi mate, you can upgrade no worries with Qpwn, very easy to follow instructions you will not have any problems what so ever.
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    Yep, you can upgrade all the way to 2.2.1 without any issues (I have - my phone started life as 1.1.3).

    A couple of tutorials for you.......



    Make sure you update iTunes 1st, and then follow each step carefully. If you do have any problems just come back & ask.

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    Thanks lads that's a huge help. I will let you know how I get on.


    Sorry .... another question for iGuy....

    Do I still need to download the patch etc as mentioned on the first link you included in your original reply?
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    Yep. Either that or use a powered USB Hub if you have one.

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    Sorry I am beginning to feel really stupid now iGuy! What do you mean by a powered USB hub? I have a typical iPhone/iPod docking thingy which attaches via a USB cable. Is that what you mean? I really must apologise for sounding so stupid but I don't want to mess this up!


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    I followed the advice - i.e. I used Quickpwn via a USB cable and everything is fine EXCEPT for the fact that there is no longer any service and I (my son actually) can not make or receive calls. Have I missed something out?

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    When you use Quickpwn, the Sim card that you want to use should be inside the iPhone.

    Was the Sim inside the iPhone when you started the Quickpwn process?
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    It was actually mate. It's weird because everything else is great but I'm sitting here at nearly 11.00pm hoping to get it sorted by tomorrow morning! I have re-run the Quickpwn process 3 times now and I just have no service and when I go into the settings on the phone there is no network other than my wifi at home.

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    Sounds like your phone is not activated,mean you have baseband issue.To manage this issue,try to download Bootneuter from cydia&flash your baseband...

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    Thanks Dejawoo. I have downloaded Bootneuter but as I am not familiar with it I am just trying different things! It also keeps freezing. At one point it did seem to be searching for a carrier so something must be happening. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    1st you have to uncheck the "unlock" button&let it flash back to factory,then recheck the "unlock" button and flash it back to unlocked).
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    Here's what happens...I have reinstalled bootneuer but it is quite 'unstable'. When I first tried to use it it said "determining current settings" and then said something like "communication collision" and shut down!

    Now it has frozen but is showing:

    Version 3.9
    Neuter Off
    FakeBlank On
    Unlock Off (beneath this it also says You must Neuter to Unlock)

    I can't seem to change any of the settings and have to power off and then back on again!

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    I think you re doing something wrong.Whats your phone's state now?
    ok,normally bootloaders are used to unlock a 2G iphone&quickpwn to jailbrake.Maybe,you should try to jailbrake&unlock your phone again.But this time,follow the instructions properly...Go to
    iClarified - Tutorials - iPhoneand choose a tutorials which will be more suitable for you...

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    Thanks mate. I would but my Macbook died this morning. Strange coincidence.

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