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Thread: Repairing permissions on the iPhone OS?

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    Default Repairing permissions on the iPhone OS?
    Ok so I followed this guide
    for jailbreaking my phone and everything went off without a hitch or so I thought... my phone is 'acting funny' with longer than needed load times and funny things involving saving things in memory are happening like my 'recent searches' are no longer being updated when I search for things in maps which leads me to believe there is a permissions issue... also I can't change my background or lock screen background using winterboard which also leads me to believe it's a permissions issue and on top of that any voice mails that I have that are before the date that I jailbroke it can't be heard... so for instance, all the voice mails that I have gotten after the restore work just fine I click, and they play. The ones before the jailbreak are there in the visual voice mail list but when I click on them it does nothing... I can move the slider across the progress bar just fine but then when I hit play instead of playing from that point, it jumps back to the beginning and still does nothing... it doesn't play at all... which is the final reason I believe there is a permissions issue.

    Is there a way to fix the permissions on the phone like there is in OSX? In OS X there are several apps that will fix permissions in the OS but for the iPhone I don't know how I would go about it... Any direction on this would be really appreciated.

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    i dont think there is a way

    i think you will have to restore

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    Ssh(ex:with cyberduck) into your phone&do it by manually...

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    How would I do it manually? How would I know what the permissions are suppose to be?

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    *When you set the 755 permissions you actually give the app the following rights:
    owner: read, write and execute permissions, = 7
    group: read and execute permissions, = 5
    others: read and execute permissions. = 5
    *When you set the 644 permissions you actually give the app the following rights:
    owner: read and write permissions,
    group: only read permissions,
    others: only read permissions.
    You will notice is that all execution rights have been taken away when you use the 644.

    *On the other hand,you can try BossPrefs for fixing dir permissions.

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