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Thread: 2G Bricked Phones!!! anyone?

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    Default 2G Bricked Phones!!! anyone?
    I have this weird problem I have 4 2G phones 3 8gb units and one 16 gb , and all of them have the same problem.

    1) they have the recover connect me image on the display as soon as you power them up.
    2) If you try to put 2.1 the crash and return to 1
    3) Doesnt matter if you use Quickpwnor Pownage on WiN or MAC
    4) I dont have 10.5.6 I use and have used 10.5 and 10 4.11 just to check.

    If I use a upgraded Itunes 8.02 and upgrade them to lastest FW ALL the Iphones try to ficish and they get stuck on the reflashing screen they finish the progress bar and they hand there for HOURS.

    if you unplug them Itunes will send a error 9 or error 1613 or error 1 totally random.

    I have used even old utilities, different ports, cables, versions and all its the same perfectly Bricked Iphones.

    Maybe Apple has made cahnges to the lastes FW and detects jailbroken Phones and kills them.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you try DFU mode?
    I don't see you saying anything about that.

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    I had this problem last night so I download ziphone and click advance and then choose to put it normal mode and restore your phones.

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    imgoing to put in my signature "DONT USE ZIPHONE"

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    Yep Tried DFU, on all phones, they cant be used they just keep reseting and bringing the conect to Itunes screen.
    Tried to restore normally on Itunes MAC and WIN..nothing...

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