Hi All,

I have an Iphone 2G which I bought with At&T last year in the old contract ($20 data plan with 200 free SMS/month).

Now I am getting a very good offer from someone to buy my Iphone and even I wanted to upgrade it to 3G. I looked around and I am getting an unlocked Iphone 3G for a reasonable price which I can afford.

The only thing that I am worried about is if I buy this unlocked Iphone 3G, and say in the future I want to upgrade my OS to a later version (2.2.1 or 2.2.2 etc) will I be able to do it??

Cause this new unlocked Iphone 3G will have a different IMEI number which will not be recognized by At&t under my account.

Can someone help me out here please. I need to sell it by this weekend.

- A