Hi guys, I'm new here,

Okay, I want to Jailbreak my iPhone and I am currently giving this a lot of thought. I have got 2.2.1 installed.

I have decided to go through with Quickpwn. I have no intention of unlocking my iPhone, so will this be okay?

I have a couple of questions regarding the jailbreaking process. I am using a Macbook bought in late 07 which has been updated to 10.5.6. I have read numerous times that the iPhone cannot be entered into DFU mode with this update. Can somebody explain to me in easy terms what I have to do to enable this setting?

After I have jailbroken my iPhone, how simple is it to return it to its factory settings if I have any problems? Do I need to enter DFU mode to achieve this? Or can I simply plug it into Itunes and restore my iPhone?

Also, when the next firmware update arrives, how simple is it to update. I hear that the iPhone Dev Team comes up with a hack so jailbroken iPhones can update. Is this true? And, is it a simple process?
Or, would it be best to restore my iPhone to its original settings, perform the firmware update and then jailbreak again?

Thanks for any help.