Alright I have an iPhone it was jailbroken. A little glitchy but I lived with it. I was using the Categories app to organize my apps and I used BossPrefs to turn off some stuff and make the battery numeric rather than a picture.

My phone application stopped working so I had to do a restore. I restored and it kept a lot of my settings. First thing I noticed was that the battery was still numeric. It didn't have all of my icons which I thought was odd. Then I synchronized my phone and like none of my apps showed up. See, I had all of my apps in folders with Categories, so the ones that were in a folder (and were hidden on the home screen) do not show up.

Now I jailbreak it again to try to change the settings, but here's the kicker! Installer and Cydia were both in my Tools folder. They're installed, the phone is jailbroken, but I can't get to them!

How can I.... refresh?? the icons? Or load icons? Or something? Or will I have to restore it again but not use the backup?

Thanks in advance!