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Thread: help! i need some upgrade advice

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    Default help! i need some upgrade advice
    i just had a 1.0.2 phone that was jailbroken and activated by using a supersim. so i have not unlocked it with anysim. it was broken and i had it fixed at iresq. now i have my working 1.0.2 phone which still sees the supersim but is no longer jailbroken. my itunes has been upgraded to 7.6. i don't really care about going to 1.1.3 or even 1.1.2. so my question is what is my best option now. i can use it at 1.0.2 but i'm not sure what tools to use now. do i need to delete itunes and install 7.2 and then use an old version of independence or do i use the upgrade feature of itunes and manually choose the 1.1.1 firmware as the update. it's been so long i can't remember if that will brick the phone and i'd need to revirginize...

    what's the absolute simplest thing to do? i'm using a mac...



    here's another factor please let me know if it will be a problem. when this 1.0.2 phone broke i bought another with 1.1.1 which i jailbroke and used anysim with. i have left the phone at 1.1.1 because there's nothing that 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 (or 4) had anything i really wanted (like landscape for texting and email). so i have all my current info on my new phone. if i upgrade the 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 can i still sync my 1.1.1 to the same itunes or will it screw up my current iphone? in other words can i have two iphones with the exact same info syncing to my itunes/iphone back-up even though one is 1.1.4 and one is 1.1.1

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