I bought a 1.0 iphone and was on 1.0.2 jailbroken forever. Then I restored and stayed on 1.0.2 for about a month but upgraded itunes to version 7.6. Then I tried to jailbreak again using apptapp but it kept failing due to
"bootstrap failure" and putting the phone into recovery mode. Since it was late I just hit the restore and it took me to 1.1.3. I know I can jailbreak now and be on my way, but I am so bored and I want to go back to 1.0.2. So is it possible to get back to 1.0.2 with the firmware and bootloader just like an otb 1.0.2? I have an att contract and sim so never unlocked, everything I read about on posts has to do with unlocked phones. I've seen where I can downgrade to 1.1.1 and jailbreak but I want to go all the way back and not sure if I need to use ibrickr since the phone wasn't unlocked? If your bored and want to help me out, then have at it! If not holla front.

I tried downgrading using independence but when it put me in DFU mode i selected firmware 1.0.2 then it started but kicked me off and said failure error code 2003. Then without having to restore, my phone just kinda restored itself???!! weird. oh and I'm on a macbook, once again running itunes 7.6, and firmware 1.1.3.

So let's begin!