my original iphone dropped one too many times and the springboard part of the phone completely froze. i've sent it to iresq and expect to have my jailbroken supersim iphone back this week. i currently have a 1.1.1 iphone working jailbroken and activated but i want to keep it there until texting and email are adjusted to be used in landscape mode.

my question is, once i get the 1.0.2 phone back, should i (can i ) just update to current firmware via itunes and re-jailbreak with one of the current programs or do i need to go one at a time through the upgrades. or should i just keep it at 1.0.2.

in the end i'm just planning to use the phone as a clone back-up to my current iphone to essentially have as a very expensive battery. i work in film and sometimes i'm out where i can not recharge the phone and figured that just having a spare with the same info (i assume you can have two phones having the same info?). but since it's a dupe is it worth having at least one iphone at current software and would it be relatively painless to do?