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Thread: Jailbroke to 1.1.4 and now no email

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    Default Jailbroke to 1.1.4 and now no email
    Hi everyone,
    I had 1.1.3 and saw ziphone jailbreaks to 1.1.4 so I restored to a fresh 1.1.3, and then used itunes to go to 1.1.4. Then used ziphone to do its thing. Everything works perfectly EXCEPT:

    When I click on my email icon, it switches to a white screen and then kicks back to the home page. I have no email. I have tried deleting my email addresses and reinputting them in and nothing.

    Please help!

    Thank you,

    P.S. Anyone know how to get iphonebrowser to work properly on 1.1.4? I want to change my txt and email tone (once I get email, of course).

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    Mine was doing the same thing on 1.1.2 and I installed the You Tube activation patch from installer (rebooted after install) and it made it work. Try that - if it doesn't work just downgrade to what you had on before...

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    uh oh... i just checked my mail to see what would happen and got the same thing (on 1.1.4 jailbroken/unlocked)... UH OH!!! SPAGHETTI O!!



    For those having issues with Mail not launching after 1.1.4, ssh to your iPhone (or use terminal) and enter chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile/

    Sorts out the permissions and Mail works perfectly!!
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    I've got this issue right now on 1.1.3 (an osx ziphone jailbreak/activate/unlock). I'll try the youtube patch and see what happens, although youtube seems to be working just fine.

    [edit] Nope, no joy there. :-/
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    i had same problem when i upgraded to 1.1.4. i think the problem caused by restoring your backup after ungrading.

    everything's ok except installing summerboard from the Installer when i upgraded it again and did not restore my backup at this time. then email app is working good.

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