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Thread: Looking To Buy First Iphone... Little Unsure... Info Overload...

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    Default Looking To Buy First Iphone... Little Unsure... Info Overload...
    Visiting In Las Vegas, and took a stroll threw an Apple Store... Never would i normally buy an iphone, but there sitting there for 300 bucks... which is a hell of alittle better then what it would cost threw rogers (iphone provider up there).

    I have been trying to do research on my own reqaurding Iphone, but there is SO much info out there and some of it outdated, i don't know anything anymore... so i am hoping you folks can sort this info over load out...

    Can you still unlock the 3g's to run on different networks?

    Jailbreaking is different from unlocking correct? Jailbreaking simply allows you to run third party apps on your phone yes?

    I have read that i can not purchase and iphone, without having to sign up for an AT&T Contract?

    I forgive the noobness, but i am leaving in less then day back up north, and have spent the last 6 hours reading everything i can find... and i am totally over loaded with info right now...

    Thank you in advance...


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    You have to sign a contract with AT&T to purchase the iphone.

    And currently, the ONLY way of unlocking a 3g Iphone is with a Sim unlock...there is no software unlock.

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    Thank You Very Much

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