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Thread: Help i lost ALL my 3rd party apps after 2.1 upgrade

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    Default Help i lost ALL my 3rd party apps after 2.1 upgrade
    Ok... here is my situation.

    - Have Apple iPhone 3G
    - was running 2.0.1 jailbreaked with installer & cydia
    - upgraded to 2.1 via iTunes8
    - lost ALL my 3rd party Apps
    - jailbreaked my 2.1 and got installer & cydia back
    - none of my 3rd party Apps came back however (MxTube, Aol Radio, Winterboard, etc)
    - installer & Cydia show that i have all my old stuff still "installed"
    - i tried uninstalling/reinstalling them... MxTube & Winterboard came back
    (MxTube still had all my old videos saved... Winterboard LOST all my old themes)
    - I am able to re- dowload and use Winterboard themes however
    - Aol Radio does NOT come back though... even when i UNINSTALL / REINSTALL it. I can't get it to show up on the springboard.

    Any ideas how to get my AOL Radio back???? Does my iphone now have leftover files all over the place from my previous 3rd party apps thus screwing up the new installs. Should i just WIPE the whole thing clean and do a FULL FACTORY restore and start from scratch?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


    AOL Radio Icon just "APPEARED" after i re-installed BossPrefs... also a few other programs i that were giving me the same problem as AOL came back after BossPrefs was re-installed.
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    When you update to 2.1 via iTunes, you will lose your 3rd party apps and need to install them again. iTunes will not restore them. Did u get AOL Radio from the App Store? It's not a Springboard App. Sounds like u alsp moved your Apps using Boss tools. Probably why Bossprefs brought it back.

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    you should always "restore" to the new firmware when upgrading. i never touch the itunes upgrade feature. stuff like this happens
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