morning gents!

I just JBed my Japanese 3G on 2.1

First of all THANKS a lot for bearing with moronic noobs such as myself m(_ _)m
It's getting hard to get even brief answers from knowledgeable people on the web nowadays.
So again, thank you all!

I used quickpwn on a fresh 2.1, albeit without restoring it, so when I say fresh, imagine it with 9 full pages... ... ...

Anyways, I did it on XP without downgrading iTunes 8, since so many seem to have ignored that step. I figured that, knowing how my luck works, if it had to fail, it would anyway, and brilliantly so.

I downloaded the files from the sticky 2.1 guide in the forums and followed the steps, starting with quickpwn.
While checking out other testimonials, I found a link to d/l a fresh 2.1FM, since there wasn't many custom ones around, and some people were saying that it doesn't work anyway.
I expected the whole shift+restore thingy, but that never happened.

I unzipped everything in a folder on the desktop, moronicly spent 20min taking down important contacts, just in case, fully expecting a empty JBen iPhone.

Quickpwn was simple enough, although a "congratulations, you're done!!!" final message would be NICE!
As it was, the soft just went back to the "let's do it!" screen everytime.

The first time in the dos window, I kept getting some " not compatible" kinda message. The soft went through the 7 steps though, the phone rebooted, and... Showed my good'old first page, unchanged. That's potentially were my moronic powers took hold (or not) and I decided that it couldn't have gone well, so I decided to go through an other round... AFTER having looked for the dll and cut/pasted it on the desktop (yes I know, I'm an oaf) Hit quickpwn again, didn't get the dll message this time, phone rebooted again... And kept on rebooting for half an hour, sometimes turning itself off and on again. After a long while, I launched itunes 8 and plugged the phone, and got a crappy "cannot download syncing data blabla" error message from iTunes. (yes, after cut/pasting the dll back)
When I clicked OK, iTunes crashed, 3 times, giving me a glimpse of the phone syncing screen, with the memory bar fully orange, so I thought "here goes restore...". But then the phone finally settled down on, again, my good old first page... I tried and scrolled a bit thinking it might be alive after all, an that's when I noticed unknown icons such as cyndia!!

Installer launches but then crashes. Cindia works like a charm but closes after downloading several files in a raw. I'm trying to figure out what and where summerboard is, but winterboard works flawlessly.

I THOUGHT the appstore had kept
me awake and distracted for too long, well, here comes
cyndia!!! If I can pay a few bucks for official apps, I can definitely donate for this jewel!!

Two days ago I read people saying they couldn't imagine using a un-jailbroken phone now, and I fully understand. This is awesome!

I think many off the failed attempts on 2.1 might come from the diskaid part... It's really easy to mixed up directories and delete the wrong files... Always check on the right part of the screen what's inside the folder.
Also, you know the phone is successully JB when diskaid shows a "jailbreak log" file when you connect it.

A very nice weekend to you all... I'm off to bed!