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Thread: Could someone confirm a couple of questions about 2.1 upgrade please

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    Smile Could someone confirm a couple of questions about 2.1 upgrade please
    I have a 3G Iphone, jailbroken and running 2.0.2 firmware. I want to upgrade to 2.0 but have found conflicting views on a couple of things, if someone could advise please..........

    1- You cant choose custom firmware with itunes 8?

    2- I will have to upgrade to itunes 8 to download the firmware, then uninstall it and re-install itunes 7.7?

    3- If i uninstall the itunes 7.7 which i am using now to install itunes 8, will i loose all my music, movies and apps which i have now in itunes 7.7?

    Could someone please advise me before i go ahead...........Thank-you

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    are you on Mac or Pc?

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    Thanks for the prompt reply, im on PC bud.

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    In the thread discussing this process (where you should probably be asking questions), it has been reported that you dont need to downgrade itunes if youre on Vista. So, that may be a moot point.

    Yes, you can choose custom firmware on itunes 8. The initial errors reported were only for non-jailbroken phones. Phones already jailbroken did not have this problem. I, personally, have installed a custom firmware onto my jailbroken phone from itunes 8.

    Uninstalling itunes wont delete your files. You may have to re-import them, though.

    Edit - On a side note, if you dont want to go through that long list of steps in the other thread, you can always download a jailbroken firmware image and just restore it via itunes 8. Skip all of the other silliness.
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    ProjectGSX......Thanks for clearing up those points for me, i feel more confident now.

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